Woodall Talks Bulldog Offer

Alex Woodall has been making the drive to Mississippi State for three years now. Between attending football camps and games, the McComb High School product knows the way to Starkville. Earlier this weekend, Woodall was offered a scholarship from the Bulldogs, so he and his family may me making that drive up highway 25 north with more regularity.

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"Coach (Tony) Hughes called and told my coach that they wanted to offer me an an athlete," said Woodall. "Coach Jones told me about the offer and he told me that they really wanted me to be a part of their program."

While Woodall has been hoping for this opportunity for some time, he elected not to commit on the spot.

The talented quarterback is mulling over the Bulldogs' invitation to sign as an athlete.

"Coach Hughes told me that they already have two quarterbacks committed in this class, so that filled up their QB spots," said Woodall. "He said that they want me to come in as an athlete and then we'll see what happens.

"He said Elijah (Staley) plays basketball and Nick (Fitzgerald) plays baseball, so we just never know what is going to happen down the road.

"They want me to come in and then we'll see what happens."

Woodall reports that a decision may come sooner rather than later.

"I haven't committed yet, but I am thinking about making my decision sometime this week," said Woodall. "My family spoke with Coach Hughes and they told him I just needed a little time to think about everything.

"This is a big decision and I just need a day or two to think about everything, but I have been waiting on this offer for two years.

"I just have the offer right now and I just want to be sure that this is what I want to do."

Woodall recently received some friendly advice from former McComb teammate and current Mississippi State Bulldog Deonte Evans.

"Deonte called me and he was telling me about how much he liked it up there and about all of the good things about Mississippi State," said Woodall. "He told me that it was the best thing for him, but that I needed to make my own decision and be sure it was the best thing for me.

"I know how important a decision this is and I know this is about my future.

"It's really about business and about what is best for you in the long run and that's what I am thinking about right now."

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