Opening Day's Practice Depth Chart

The first day of preseason practicing is also the first chance to check on any potential changes to Mississippi State's post-spring lineups. And, maybe of more interest, to see where the newest Bulldogs are taking their first snaps.

Thursday's practice revealed no differences as far as the first teams on either side of the ball. The second group was missing alternate right offensive tackle Damien Robinson, sidelined by an unreported health situation.

The following is a position-by-position listing of who practiced where, with two cautionary notes. First, as has been the case since last fall, the backup defensive tackle rotation had veterans Quay Evans and Nick James taking the third- or even fourth-unit turns in both position drills and full-team competition. This was also done in their freshmen years but come the season both played as immediate backups, so don't read too much into this early-camp status again.

Second, the outside receivers alternations were very much in flux all practice, especially so with the younger and newest members of the unit. The first two or three at each split end position are essentially equal; after that everyone flipped side-to-side so the depth chart is purely for conversation purposes.

The defensive right or left designations here are based on the direction each player faced, and not where they will play. Cornerbacks for example are 'field' or 'boundary' rather than assigned a permanent side.

Any unlisted names were either simply overlooked, or yet to report officially.

Right Tackle: Charles Siddoway, Cole Carter, Andre Barber, Damien Robinson (inj)

Right Guard: Justin Malone, Archie Muniz, Kent Flowers, Raheem Roberson

Center: Dillon Day, Dylan Holley, Devon Desper

Left Guard: Gabe Jackson, Ben Beckwith, Jamaal Clayborn

Left Tackle: Blaine Clausell, Justin Senior, Jake Thomas, Weston Wagner

Quarterbacks: Tyler Russell, Dak Prescott, Josh Hand, Damien Williams

Running Backs: LaDarius Perkins, Josh Robinson or Derrick Milton, Nick Griffin, Ashton Shumpert

Slot Receivers: Jameon Lewis, Brandon Holloway, Split End (slot side): Joe Morrow, Fred Ross, De'Runnya Wilson, Taylor Henry, Vance Kareems

Split End (tight end side): Robert Johnson, Fred Brown, Jeremy Chappelle, B.J. Hammond, Shelby Christy, Javous Nicks

Tight Ends/H Receivers: Malcolm Johnson, Brandon Hill, Christian Holmes, Gus Walley, Rufus Warren, Artimas Samuel

Right Defensive End: Preston Smith, A.J. Jefferson, John Harris, Trent Simpson

Right Defensive Tackle: Kaleb Eulls, Curtis Virges, Nick James, Jordan Washington

Left Defensive Tackle: P.J. Jones, Quay Evans, Nelson Adams, Corvell Harrison-Gay

Left Defensive End: Denico Autry, Ryan Brown, Torrey Dale, Chris Jones

Right Outside Linebacker: Matthew Wells, Zach Jackson, Ivan Muniz, Dezmond Harris

Middle Linebacker: Benardrick McKinney, Ferlando Bohanna, Richie Brown, Kelan Chairs

Left Outside Linebacker: Deonta Skinner, Beniquez Brown, Deandre Ward, Mannie Lowery

Free Safety: Nickoe Whitley, Dee Arrington, Quadry Antoine, Brandon Wells

Strong Safety: Jay Hughes, Kendrick Market, Deontay Evans, Trey Braswell

Right Cornerback: Cedric Jiles, Taveze Calhoun, Will Redmond, Gabe Myles

Left Cornerback: Jamerson Love, Justin Cox, Kivon Coman, James Baldwin, Tolando Cleveland

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