MSU Baseball Scheduling

Mississippi State Director of Baseball Operations Tyler Bratton talks about the upcoming baseball schedules.

Since the last time we talked, have their been any new developments with the 2014 schedule?
"We'll be going out to Arizona during our spring break. We'll play a three-game series March 7th through the 9th. We'll come back on Monday and get ready to play Georgia in our opening SEC series.

"We also have a couple of mid-week series that are new to the schedule. Mount St. Mary's from Pennsylvania is coming in. Southeast Missouri State is also coming in on March 25th We have both of those teams coming in during the middle of the week. We have also have Jacksonville State coming in April 30th. Former Mississippi State assistant baseball coach Jim Case is the head coach there."

We touched on 2015 during our last interview. What's new with that schedule?
"The opening weekend is still pending but it looks like it could be the University of Cincinnati coming in to open our season. We may add another team and create a tournament with them. The next weekend we play in a tournament in New Orleans at Zephyr Field. It looks like Southern Miss, Mississippi State, New Orleans and Nicholls State will be in that tournament. And they are going to add one or two more teams. Arizona comes in February 27th through March 1st for a three-game series.

"We have also been selected to be one of the teams in the Minute Maid Classic in Houston, Texas. It will be March 6th through the 8th. That is one of the premier, if not the premier, pre-conference tournaments in college baseball. It is played where the Houston Astros play. From the SEC, it will be Mississippi State, LSU and Texas A&M. Usually Rice and Houston plays in it. And Oklahoma may be playing in it. There will be some extremely stout competition in the tournament. They try to match up some of the premier teams in this tournament. And ton of Major League scouts, national crosscheckers, Baseball America and Perfect Game go to this tournament. It's great for our program to be in a tournament like that. "

How did the invitation come about?
"It is really difficult to get into this tournament. In fact, the first opening for this tournament is 2018. But a team dropped off and the first team they called was us. We were ranked something like 7th or 8th at the time. We moved some things around (schedule-wise) to accommodate them. Houston is a good trip for our fans. So, I think a lot of them might want to attend the tournament. And who knows, it might be a pre-College World Series type matchup with some of teams that will be playing in the tournament."

How many games will you play in the tournament?
"At least three, and possibly four."

Do you know how many home games you will have in 2014 and 2015?
"In 2014 it will be around 35 and in 2015 it will be less than that, maybe 32 or 33, because of the two away tournaments."

Do you have any updates for the 2016 schedule?
"The only two series we have scheduled so far are the last two non-conference weekends. This is going to sound a little funny but we actually set this series up before we played UCLA in the College World Series. We are going to play in the Dodgertown Classic in Los Angeles March 4th through the 6th. It will be played at Dodger Stadium. It will be a four-game series for us. It will be Mississippi State, USC, UCLA and a couple of other west coast teams. It's a really neat tournament. Georgia played in it recently and had a lot of good things to say about it.

"We also play Oregon March 11th through the 13th at Dudy Noble Field in a three-game series. That's the third Pac-12 team that we will play in 2016. That will be great for our RPI. But we are known for playing strong RPI schedules. We'll return the trip to Oregon in 2017. We'll play them March 3rd through the 5th in 2017."

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