Chappelle Showing Skills In Receiver Rotation

The interview was going just fine, when a teammate decided his input was needed. "How has the process been, how are you coming along?" asked Jay Hughes. Give Jeremy Chappelle credit; he didn't miss a beat or a phrase. "I love the process! It's all about the hard work, the commitment, I love the process."

Now, if Chappelle can handle opposing defensive backs on the field with the same poise as he did his safety-peer, then Mississippi State can expect steady results from their junior college receiver. Which in fact the Bulldog offense is counting on this season. Chappelle, a well-regarded junior college wideout, is staking is claim to a rotation role this coming season. A season that keeps coming ever-faster in fact.

Chappelle spoke with media, full-timers and temporary alike, after Wednesday's session. "Practice went real well today. We had some big plays, some down plays, but pretty much it was a good day."

How is the receiver rotation working as far as practice reps? "It's a lot more work really. We're still getting the same number of snaps, the redshirt guys are going down with the scout team and stuff like that. But we're still getting the same number of snaps."

How have you picked up the offense? "I'm picking it up pretty good. They've got me at inside receive right now, I go from H to the X, to the Z. So really I'm picking it up pretty good now."

Do you practice all receiver positions? "Yes, I practice all three positions. I like them pretty much the same, just as long as I get the ball, make something happen!"

How does your job change playing in the slot? "It pretty much is I read the line and the linebackers a lot more. And the safeties a lot. So that's pretty much how I change."

Is it similar to how Malcolm Johnson and Brandon Hill will play in their slot? "Yeah, it's not really a difference. Coach likes the big guys in there so we can mess with the linebackers too, when we have to block and stuff like that."

Do you like messing with linebackers? "Oh yeah! I like getting down and dirty a little bit! I like contact. Because Coach Gonazales loves that, so I feed off that too."

Now that you've had a spring and preseason what is the passing game capable of? "Man, we've got a lot of potential. We've got a lot of potential. August 31st we're going to show the world what we can do, but I've got the utmost confidence in our offense. From out running backs to our receivers I've just got the utmost confidence."

What can you tell about Oklahoma State's defense? "They've got some pretty physical cornerbacks, number 4 and number 19 the cornerbacks are pretty physical. And they like to bite on a lot of slants and hitch routes and stuff like that. They're pretty physical on the outside."

Has it sunk in that you're getting ready to play SEC football? "Oh yeah, it sank-in to me January 9 when I came here! I was already ready."

Is there a bond you share with the freshmen being new to the program? "They relate to me a lot. Because you know as a junior I've been through a lot of things in college. And the freshmen come to me as something like a mentor. I try to take them under my wing and tell them some of my past experiences."

(At which point Hughes joined the press corps, and borrowed a recorder even. "Strong words from a strong man," he intoned as if doing a TV standup.) Tell me what you think of the defensive secondary? "Oh, man, that's the best secondary in the SEC, hands-down!"

Do they have good organization back there, who is running the show? "I have to say number 3, Jay Hughes. He's running the show, that's my guy!"

The act gets back to serious Thursday with another afternoon practice for the Bulldogs, with Coach Dan Mullen doing the talking afterwards. Whether Hughes continues as the volunteer beat writer remains to be seen.

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