MSU WR Robert Johnson Interview

Mississippi State junior wide receiver Robert Johnson talks one-on-one with Gene's Page, August 22nd.

What have you seen from the wide receivers as a group, the veterans and the young guys?
"I'm loving the young guys, Bear (De'Runnya Wilson), B.J. (Hammond, Fred (Ross). They are all getting over their injuries that they had in training camp and they are really blossoming right now."

What does having so many good young players do for the veterans? Does it make you better having so much competition?
"You always want competition in your position group because that brings out the best in everybody."

How have they made you better?
"It makes me better because it makes me make sure I'm doing all the little things right. Sometimes Coach says you have to be a leader but sometimes you have to follow. And I try to learn little things from each player and become a better player myself."

You were once where they are now. How are you helping them make the adjustments going from high school to playing in the SEC?
"I try to teach them some of the simple things, things like protection release in cover two. Simple things like that. That's what young guys mostly mess up on, the rules."

When the young guys get down after messing up do you try to help them?
"Yeah, I think that is with everybody when they get down. They are all going to need somebody to pick them back up. With me, Jameon (Lewis) and Joe (Morrow) being the veterans of the group, we have to step it up in that role."

Do you feel comfortable in that leadership role?
"Yeah, I feel comfortable in it."

Does it come natural to you to be a leader?
"I wouldn't say it comes natural because it takes time. With us, we had a lot of time due to who was in front of us when we got here. Watching them being leaders kind of rubbed off on us."

Fans are obviously excited about Fan Day. What is Fan Day like for the players?
"It is a joy because you have people from all over the state of Mississippi and even some from out of state come here just to see us and get our autographs."

What do you enjoy the most about Fan Day?
"The little kids and the excitement that they have on their face. I know when I was young I used to love college players when I was at Hattiesburg and watching Southern Miss play."

Now you are that college player and these kids hero, does that make you feel really good?
"It does. You have to be on your high horse and make sure you always do the right thing no matter where you go."

What are your thoughts about what you have seen from cornerback Justin Cox in practice?
"I like Cox. He and I started out being competitive this spring when he got here because I knew about Justin Cox when he was at West Point in high school. He is a great corner. When I saw highlights of him at East Mississippi (Community College) he was a ball hog back there at safety."

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