The Time Has Come

Braxton Hoyett and his teammates from Pelham High School went through a dress rehearsal of sorts last night as the program worked out the final kinks in a their fall jamboree. This week brings the season opener. While the game begins the final chapter in his prep career, Hoyett reports that those interested in his next step might need to pay close attention to what happens Friday night.

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"I have been talking a lot with my mom and I think we're going to announce my decision Friday night after the game," said Hoyett. "I just feel like it's time to do this, so I can just focus on the season."

Heading into the final week, Hoyett reports that Miami and Mississippi State remain his finalists.

The talented defensive tackle has found positives about each program.

A summer trip to south beach appears to have been a positive experience.

"When I went down to Miami, I really liked it down there," said Hoyett. "They were the first school to offer me and I have a good relationship with Coach (Jethro) Franklin.

"Coach Franklin was the coach who actually offered me the scholarship to go there.

"I know they are going to be going on probation and Coach Franklin has talked with me about that.

"Even though they are going to have some things to deal with they told me that they're still going to be playing the game we all love and they aren't going to let it effect them.

Hoyett has made multiple trips to Starkville, Mississippi to learn more about what the Bulldogs have to offer.

"I love it at Mississippi State," said Hoyett. "I have talked a lot with Coach (David) Turner and Coach (Geoff) Collins and I have a great relationship with both of them.

"Everytime I go down there, they already treat me like I am one of the players, like I am already part of the family.

"I know I would be happy if I decided to go there."

Hoyett has become fast friends with Cory Thomas of McAdory High School who has claimed the Bulldogs as his leader several times.

The tandem has talked about the possibility of playing together on the next level.

"Cory and I have talked about playing together several times," explained Hoyett. "I feel like we would dominate if we played together in college.

"I know I can't make his decision for him and he can't make my decision for me, but it would be good if we could be on the same team together."

While some of Hoyett's focus has been on the next level, he is ready to turn his full attention towards his final season on the prep level.

"We won the game last night 15-7," said Hoyett. "Our defense played real well, but we still have some work to do to get our offense going.

"This week, we play Paul Bryant High School and we know a lot about them.

"We beat them last year and they are returning pretty much the same team.

"I know we are going to have to go out and play well, but I feel like we can get a win next week."

Once that game is over, Hoyett is now planning to let the world know of his college decision.

"I am probably just going to put it out there on the social media networks and just let everybody know after the game," said Hoyett. "I am excited about everything and I am ready to get things settled."

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