"We Had Some Good Shots"

Bulldog Offensive Coordinator Les Koenning following Mississippi State's 21-3 loss to Oklahoma State in the Texas Kickoff Classic.

Coach Mullen said there were more shots downfield that should have been taken? "It's going to come down to execution. You get down in the red zone you've got to put points on the board. We got down there with the opportunities, it didn't happen. I thought we did a really nice job controlling the football early in the game, keeping it away from them, doing some things. But we never broke anything. And that was the hard part about it, we'd get it close but we'd never break anything. And when you've got to break some plays, score some touchdowns."

After the first quarter they adjusted to both the passing and Perkins runs? "Yeah, we had some shots and didn't capitalize on them. And that's what it comes down to playing a really good ball club. You've got to capitalize on your opportunities and it didn't occur."

Would you have liked to get Perkins more touches in the second half? "Well again, you know we were moving the ball with some shots down the field. Our big plays came kind of in the passing game with some play-action stuff. We hit a couple of early runs with Perk, and they did a good job of stuffing us late in the run and stuff like that. So we had to rely a little bit more on some big plays and we just couldn't quite make the play all the time. We'd get in third-and-short, those were frustrating downs. You've got to convert on those now."

How big were the third-and-shorts Dak Prescott did not get? "Well, you've just got to get them. At the end of the game we started going on fourth down and making it, trying to get back in the game. But those were critical points in the game, where you've got to make the plays. You'll see it on film and we'll know why it happened a little bit better after we watch it."

You were 2-of-16 on third downs, what happened? "We weren't very good on third down, at all. That's where you win football games, third down and red zone. It wasn't very good at all."

When you had to commit to Dak how did you approach the rest of the game? "Well, we feel comfortable with the things Dak can do and Tyler (Russell) can do. We're not one-dimensional with Tyler or Dak. And you saw Tyler run the ball a couple of times, you saw Dak throw it. So we're comfortable with t hem doing either one."

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