"I'm Going To Make The Most Of It"

Dak Prescott is learning quickly the finer points on how to be a SEC quarterback. He was the last requested Bulldog to come out for interviews following Monday's practice, a definite perk of his position.

Come Saturday now, the Mississippi State sophomore will likely be able to exercise this prerogative again…just after a real game. Prescott is being booked to start this weekend's Bulldog home opener with Alcorn State (2:35, CSS) at Scott Field. The unexpected promotion comes as senior Tyler Russell is doubtful to play Saturday, according to Coach Dan Mullen, after suffering a third-quarter concussion in the Oklahoma State game.

"I'm excited, it's an opportunity I've been waiting for," said Prescott today. "It's not under the exact circumstances I'd want it to be. But it's an opportunity and I'm going to make the most of it."

What has Tyler said to you? "Tyler, he's behind me. He just told me to go at it, go prove myself and he's supporting me 100%"

What did you see in the game that worked well and didn't work well? "Oh they're a good team, but we kind of stepped on our own foot. We made some mistakes, a lot of mistakes, between ourselves. That's really what hurt us and we put it all on ourselves in that game."

Did you see what Coach Mullen said about not taking enough shots? "I mean we may have missed some shots. We actually had some shots on film, you go back and you missed them. It's a little bit of mental errors we made and things we've got to correct, and we will correct."

The first third-and-short, you looked hesitant where last year you just took off? "Yeah, I mean when I went back on the film there's a hole I should have hit. It's just like I said, it's something in the film room we'll fix and we'll get better at each week."

Does the gameplan stay the same with you in now? "Exactly that, it stays the same regardless. And we're going to practice the same plays, go in as if Tyler was the starter or if I'm the starter. So that really doesn't change it up."

The coaches say they've got you in a game, but it must be different knowing you're going to start? "Oh, most definitely. It will just be an opportunity I've been waiting for. And I'm sure my emotions will be high. But I'm going to be mentally focused, I'll have to stay calm and go out there and execute."

Your reputation is as a runner, are you looking to having the whole skill set out there? "Oh, most definitely. Any play the coaches call I'm going to go out there and perform no matter if it's a pass play or a run play. I'm going to go out there and try to do my best and execute it."

What changes about the center/quarterback exchange as you're more excitable, and is there some getting-used-to there? "Oh yeah, it's a new butt! But I mean I just like to get going. I like the energy, and I like to get my guys going in and out of the huddle. It's just something like that."

Dillon Day said the game came down to little things, did you see that? "Exactly, it's just a lot of little things. A lot of mental errors we made and things that are easily fixable. and it's just we'll have to do it as a young team and we'll fix it."

As a starter do you look at the scouting film any differently now? "Not exactly. It doesn't matter what week it is or whose the starter, I'm going in there pretending like I'm the starter and get prepared mentally that way. So it's no different."

What is your reaction seeing Tyler lying down on the field like that? "Oh, that's my brother. And he goes down, like any brother you're nervous and you're scared at first. Then he got up so I was good. And as we walked off you know I tapped him and he said he's going to be alright. Then so I went in there just trying to help my team."

You had to be ‘in the game' so how did you manage your emotions? "Oh, you just kind of have to let it go and leave it in the trainers' hands and know they'll take care of him. And just go out there and help my team and execute the plays the coaches give."

Have you talked with Damian Williams now that he is the number-two? "Oh yeah, we're getting him ready to go. And he'll be ready to go. He's a smart guy, he's a good quarterback, and he's good."

How did the freshmen, De'Runnya Wilson and Fred Ross do the first game? "They did well. They did just as well as any freshmen could. In the air they weren't any different from any other guys making mistakes, it's just the first game."

How do the checks at the line differ with you, do you feel the same confidence? "Oh, most definitely. It's mutual and at the end of the day the quarterback has the last say-so. So it doesn't matter who is in there, if I'm in there, Tyler is in there, then Damian is in there. When the quarterback says something the line goes with it and everybody follows the lead."

How much will Tyler be in your ear this week? "I'm sure he'll be right there, he'll lead me every time I go on the field and when I come off the field he'll let me know things, what he saw. He'll be right there with me."

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