Tide's Cooper Sees Another Big Game

Amari Cooper wasn't particularly happy with the play of the offense in Alabama's season-opening 35-10 win over Virginia Tech. As some of his teammates, he gave credit to the defensive scheme of the Hokies, which included difficult to block blitzes.

Amari Cooper, a Freshman All-America last year as a wide receiver for Alabama, said that he was somewhat frustrated during the opener two weeks ago. Cooper, a 6-1, 202-pound Miami native, also thinks he and his teammates can show improvement in the second game of the year.

Alabama, ranked first in the nation, takes on sixth-ranked Texas A&M in College Station Saturday. Kickoff at Kyle Field is at 2:30 p.m. CDT with CBS televising.

"We do corrections the first day we go out [after a game]," Cooper said. "I think we know what we did wrong."

Cooper said it will be important to get off to a fast start against the Aggies, as it is in any game.

But he said he looks at it "as another big game. I've only been in college football for one year. I know a lot of people are going to be watching the game. I hope we do good collectively and I want to do good as well.

"We don't buy into the hype here. I think all the hype is really irrelevant because at the end of the day you have to go out there and play your game. All the hype is really not real, you know, the things they say on TV and stuff like that. It doesn't line up with what's really going on."

He said that his classmates hadn't made any mention of the upcoming game being special.

Cooper had a surprising answer when asked about the possibility of Alabama being considered "the good guy" going against bad boy Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel.

"What has he done wrong?" Cooper asked.

He also didn't know that his fellow wide receiver, Christion Jones, had made the latest cover of Sports Illustrated maazine. "I didn't notice," Cooper said.

Well, then, is there any particular motivation for A&M?

"Yeah, it's the only game we lost last year. Considering what happened last time, that's last year and it was a different team. This game will be totally different than it was last year.

"It's not a revenge thing because if we wanted to get revenge, we'd have to play that same team last year with the same team we had last year. It's really not a revenge thing. If you lose a fight with someone, you don't get revenge from fighting someone else. I think it's just a new team this year. We're a new team. It's no revenge. Just going out there and playing Texas A&M."

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