Dan Mullen Post-Game Press Conference

AUBURN -- "A very disappointing loss for us. Give Auburn credit, their kids made plays to win the game. We didn't. We didn't make the plays, we didn't make the calls as coaches to get our kids in the right situation to make the plays to win the game. And had plenty of opportunities, had plenty of opportunities."

"I thought our guys played hard, did some really good things, but we needed to make a play and we didn't. We had the ball a couple of times in the fourth quarter, opportunities to score. We knew we needed one more touchdown, all through the fourth quarter we kept saying that. We had some good drives, we had some opportunities and some penalties, some mistakes, some other things put us behind. And we didn't make the plays we need to to win."

How would you evaluate Dak Prescott's play? "We'll watch it on film and see how he did. I thought, you know, he plays hard. I know he made some good reads, made some good throws, missed some throws, missed some reads. So we'll evaluate that all on film."

What gave him the start over Tyler Russell? "The fact that Tyler is not cleared to play medically, for contact."

You talked about finishing after Oklahoma State, how do you see this week? "Yeah, we didn't finish. I mean it's a pretty simple deal. We had an opportunity to finish the game on offense, we didn't do it; we had an opportunity to finish the game on defense, didn't do it. And that's coaching, to me that's all coaching. So that's on me, that's on our assistant coaches, our defensive staff, our offensive staff, to make sure we have kids in a situation prepared to go finish a game. And we did not do that."

What went into deciding to go for it on 4th-and-1 at your 29? "I wanted us to finish. I mean, I can't talk about finishing and sit there and not try to finish it. We have some experience on the offensive line, we have a big, physical quarterback. We decided to take a chance right there and go finish. We have a very young defense, so we wanted to give the guys opportunities to the offense and put it on our big offensive, on our big quarterback to go finish it. And they got that first down, we just didn't finish off that drive."

Did you feel the defense didn't get enough pressure on the last drive? "Ahhh, I don't know. We'll watch it all on film and see where we're at. I mean they've got a quarterback that is very dynamic in running so you've got to be careful with what you do with him."

Did you see a difference in Auburn's defense the second half? "They pressured a lot more than they ever have before. But we made some big plays when they pressured too, we just didn't finish it and make the plays we needed to to finish."

You're taking blame on yourself and staff, did you see anything from the players that led to not finishing? "No, I mean we'll watch it all on film and see. I'm sure, I guarantee everybody that played in that game probably can pick one moment in the game they could have done something that would have changed the outcome of the game. So that's stuff we've got to get fixed at practice for our guys. I mean, that attention to detail, that finish has got to be done at practice and it's got to be done every single day at practice."

Did Dak add that extra element to the offense running? "Yeah. He probably ran it more than I'd like him to, at times you've got to get Perk (LaDarius Perkins) more carries. But I mean they just kind of dictated to have him run it, and he did and he was successful."

You were able to slow Auburn's ground game? "Obviously that's the number one thing you want to do, is stop the run. And the thing we did, we did a pretty good job of stopping the run. We did a pretty good job against the pass, we just didn't tackle in the open field. Basically quick screens all night long, bubbles and quick screens. Open-field tackling has been a strength of ours and tonight I bet we're going to have a lot of missed tackles when we finalize and grade the film. And that was going to be a key component. Number one is stop the run when you play, number two is tackle in the open field. And we got 50% of it done."

The first quarter Marshall had a career game running, what adjustments did you make to stop that? "Obviously not enough."

Do you have any comment on the Yahoo sports report? "No, I don't have any comment on it right there."

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