2015 Tim Washington Update

Yazoo City (MS) High School 4-star defensive end Tim Washington talks one-on-one with Gene's Page, September 17, 2013.

  • Name: Tim Washington
  • Classification: 2015
  • High School: Yazoo City (MS) High School
  • Position: Defensive End/Linebacker
  • HT-WT: 6-foot-3, 195
  • Scout.com Ranking: 4-Star
  • Schools of Interest: Alabama, Louisiana-Lafayette, Mississippi State, Notre Dame, Ole Miss, Tennessee

  • Tim, a 4-star recruit, is one of the top 35 defensive ends in the nation in the 2015 class.

    You've had a great season so far, haven't you?
    "Yes sir, it has been going great. I've had 36 tackles, 6 sacks, 2 blocks, 2 forced fumbles and 1 touchdown."

    And you last game may have been your best.
    "Yes sir, I had 10 tackles, 2 sacks and a forced fumble."

    What position are you playing, defensive end or linebacker?
    "More defensive end and defensive tackle."

    Which do you prefer, defensive end or linebacker?
    "Defensive end."

    Why defensive end?
    "Because of the constant contact at defensive end. Plus, you have a more important role on the team as a defensive end."

    Which schools are showing interest in you as of now?
    "Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Alabama, Notre Dame, Tennessee, Louisiana Lafayette."

    Did you camp at any schools this past summer?
    "I camped at Tennessee, Ole Miss and Mississippi State."

    While camping at the schools, did you get to know the coaches at each school?
    "Yeah, I got to know the coaches at each school that I went to. It was a great experience because I've never been to a camp before or on a college campus while dealing with football."

    Individually, which coaches did you get to meet at each school and what are your thoughts about them?
    "At Tennessee I forget the names of the coaches that I met but it was nice there. The facilities that they just built were nice. It was a nice campus and I liked going up there. At Mississippi State I met Greg Knox, David Turner, Coach (Geoff) Collins and Dan Mullen. I just about met the whole coaching staff. They like me a lot up there. And they really want me to come to their school. They offered me a scholarship. I stay in contact with them to let them know that I'm interested in their school. It's a nice place to be. At Ole Miss I met (Derrick) Nix, (Hugh) Freeze and some more people up there. They are nice.

    "Mississippi State and Ole Miss are rivals, so they are going to compete and try to get me to come to their schools."

    Do you plan on visiting any schools during the fall?
    "I have been to Ole Miss. And I'm going to Mississippi State this weekend."

    What are your thoughts about the Ole Miss visit?
    "It was nice. I got to tour the locker room before they went out to the game. I got to talk to the players in the locker room before they went out on the field. Then I got to go on the field during pregame. It was nice."

    Since you are a player yourself, when you are watching a college game what do you watch? As an example, what did you watch when you were at the Ole Miss game?
    "They told me to watch my position, which was played by number 10 (C.J. Johnson). He was kind of a linebacker/defensive end/defensive tackle. I watched how he was playing his position. When he was at defensive end I saw how he slide down the line of scrimmage as the play was going. If it was going to the right he kind of followed the play, kind of trailed behind it."

    Are there any other schools you hope to visit during the season?
    "Alabama and LSU."

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