A Q&A With Coach Ginger Brown-Lemm

Mississippi State head women's golf coach Ginger Brown-Lemm September 25, 2013 interview.

You are hosting a golf tournament next week. Tell the MSU fans about it.
"The Bulldog Invitational is next week, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We have teams from South Florida, East Carolina, East Tennessee, Memphis, Southern Miss, Cincinnati. It's a good field, although I wouldn't say a strong field, but they have all made themselves into good programs and we are glad to have them.

"It will be played at Old Waverly (Golf Course in West Point, MS). And Old Waverly is in as good of condition as it ever has been.

"We have the assistance of some incoming freshmen, so we have depth for the first time in the history of our program as far as me being here. And we are working hard to take advantage of that."

Speaking of program history, I don't know if a Bulldog women's golf team has ever been ranked as high as your team was last week, 8th in the nation. Based on that, do you feel you are about where you expected your program to be or do you feel you are a little ahead?
"I think we are further along than I expected we would be starting our fourth season. (Assistant) Coach (Leigh) Phillips and I have really worked hard but the credit goes to these young ladies for changing the history of Mississippi State women's golf.

"But the benefit of taking over a program that was in disarray is that you have the opportunity to make history. Marry that with an All-American (Ally McDonald), and Mary Langdon Gallagher who was not incredibly experienced but has blossomed into a solid collegiate player who has been there every single golf tournament since she has been here. Add in Rica Tse who came all the way from New Zealand and has been a staple and a solid reason why we have been so successful.

"And that has led us into changing the course of the big recruiting freighter that we are on that was going in the wrong direction for so long. We have been able to change the course and head it in the right direction. Now I'm being contacted by '15 and '16 graduates that want to come visit us, that want to see what is going on at Mississippi State for the first time. Making it to the national championship in year-three has opened up a lot of doors for us because it gave Mississippi State a lot of attention, attention for what we are, which is our character, our personally, that we enjoy what we do, that we can be incredibly successful student athletes but have fun while doing it. That is what I want for our program."

On your team is the gold standard athlete, Ally McDonald. I'm guessing that she is not only a big reason for your success on the golf course but also in recruiting.
"There is no doubt about that. She is such a classy young lady, a good Christian young lady. She matches every component of what we want here at Mississippi State. She, Mary and Rica are able to set the standard as to how we behave and the class that we operate with on a daily basis. They prove that you can perform on the golf course and also make As and Bs in the classroom. That is what we are finding with the recruits we are talking to now, they want that kind of experience and they want a coach who is involved on a personal level and not just a performance level. That is what we are cultivating here as a program."

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