Quarterbacks Attend To Bye-Week Business

What with this being an open date and all, one might expect everyone to dash off the practice field and head, well, anywhere else as soon as possible. Not so for some Bulldogs, especially not the throwers and catchers.

Following Tuesday's scripted practice session, Mississippi State quarterbacks and receivers remained on the field for some extra work. Sure, there were coaches in the area, but this overtime was above-and-beyond effort.

"We're just getting the timing, against certain looks," Dak Prescott said. "Breaking down what he's going to do and when he's going to do it, and just getting all the little things in synch."

A bye-week is indeed the ideal time for attending to those ‘little things' which should loom a lot larger when the Bulldogs resume play against SEC rival Louisiana State (6:00, October 5). Or it should be, as long as a team can stay focused on business and not already have checked-out mentally for the free weekend ahead.

Prescott reports this hasn't been a problem at Tuesday and Wednesday practices, not for the offensive side of the squad. "It's just getting better, not being complacent and keep going, keep driving, and doing what we can do."

For his part Prescott has done some pretty big things lately. He and wide receiver Jameon Lewis wrote their names in both Mississippi State and Southeastern Conference history during the romp over Troy, as both rushed, received, and threw for a touchdown. The SEC Office confirmed this was a first time a conference club had two players pull off that specific sort of touchdown-trifecta.

And in Prescott's case, it all came in a single half of football. He said today making history is well and good, but… "Like I said at the game, it's all about my teammates. The offensive line the receivers, did a great job and made that statistic easy on me and Jameon. And everything went well."

During this week's three practice days, the quarterback rotation remains unchanged. Season-starter Tyler Russell and Prescott, who has taken over since third quarter of opening day when Russell was concussed, are splitting first-team snaps. In fact Mullen said after the game and repeated on Tuesday following practice he regards Russell as the starter.

How this actually translates into taking first-snap against LSU is possibly another matter. Yet neither quarterback is letting it affect their practice work. Or for that matter their working relationship, Prescott insists. "He's just behind me. I've been behind him 100% and we're working together and getting better every day."

Post-practice interviews with the varsity were necessarily short Wednesday as the Bulldogs immediately went to team film review, then on to scheduled study hall and some evening class obligations. However enough redshirting Dogs, walk-ons, and some reserve players stayed on-field for a quick couple of scrimmage series. Damian Williams, who has seen live action as a true freshman in two home games already, quarterbacked this offense.

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