Cooper Back In Action

Three star linebacker Deshon Cooper wanted to get his college decision out of the way before the beginning of his senior campaign. Cooper's dreams of a big season were delayed due to a medical ailment that sidelined him early on. Now back to full speed, Cooper is making up for lost time.

Deshon Cooper profile

"I am good," said Cooper. "I am just playing now and I am 100%.

"I feel like I have been playing pretty good and I am just trying to help the team."

Cooper was instrumental in his team's win over Carver High last weekend.

"I got down early in the game because I dropped a pass on 4th and 13," explained Cooper. "It would have been a first down and I dropped it.

"I got really mad about it and I took all of that frustration out on the field when I got back on defense.

"I made three sacks, forced a fumble and had a couple of other tackles.

"I made a couple of big catches too, so I feel like I made up for that drop."

Cooper committed to Mississippi State early during the summer and the talented linebacker reports that his decision still stands.

"I am still solid with Mississippi State," said Cooper. "They call me every week and Coach (Geoff) Collins was just out here on Monday.

"I have been watching them on TV. They should have won the Auburn game."

The talented linebacker reports that he pays special attention to how Coach Collins' linebacking corps goes about their business.

"I feel like they played pretty good against Auburn," said Cooper. "They lost outside containment a couple of times late in the game.

"I like how aggressive they are and how they all run to the ball.

"I am going down there in two weeks to watch them when they play LSU."

Columbia High has the week off this weekend, so Cooper will get the chance to rest and heal before going back to work next weekend.

"I feel like we have the chance to do pretty good in these region games," said Cooper. "I would say we're playing like an 8 out of 10 right now.

"We should be alright and I feel like we can play better than we have so far this season."

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