Lewis Likes Look Of Developing Dog Offense

His coach had said to enjoy the open date, and Jameon Lewis is one to follow instructions. "I went home, back to Tylertown and watched my old high school play, and chilled with my girl." So far, so good right? Well, They actually lost the game, they could have done better but they have to do some work down there."

Lewis, who quarterbacked the Chiefs to a 2009 State Championship, knows all about getting to work. About doing better, too. Because this junior year has been his long-sought breakout. Four games into 2013, slot-receiver Lewis already has his best season totals for both catches (12) and yards (248) along with a pair of touchdowns.

In fact, his yardage in one month already is right at the 251 yards he had combined from both 2011 and '12. This definitely counts as progress for 'Tubby' Lewis, as well as the entire Mississippi State offense as proof how play-makers are getting used. And in all sorts of ways. Such as, having Lewis not merely catch passes and run reverses. He's now thrown a college pass too, and even better it went for a touchdown.

Upcoming games might not require those identical play-calls, Lewis agrees. But defeating Louisiana State (4-1, 1-1 SEC) will demand all the Bulldogs (2-2, 0-1) have available in their offensive arsenal. Few outside State's locker room are allowing much optimism about Saturday's 6:06 contest at Scott Field. Inside?

"I think we're real good," Lewis said. "We're 2-2 but the record really don't determine nothing. You know, I think we can finish up and have a good week of practice and perform Saturday and take it on to the next week, too."

What did the offense work on last week? "We worked on everything really, trying to get our timing down and get the motions down. Just working on everything, trying to get better. Getting better with the small things is what counts."

What does the offense need to do to take the next step? "I mean we just have to execute. That's all we need to do. We've got all the right plays and we're going to call them at the right time. And we're just going to execute and perform."

We didn't get to talk to you after the Troy game? "It was a big day, I guess it was! But at first it was just a regular day for me. It's just stuff I'm used to doing, not knowing I was doing something that was big. But I have a couple of better days ahead."

You raised the expectations for you with that game? "I mean I expect myself to do it every game. And then I have my goals set higher than people have my goals. So I might achieve that but not achieve mine."

What were you thinking when the pass-play came in? "I just play, I just go with the flow and try to make a play. If it's a touchdown, I pray to God it is but if it ain't I hope it's something else just positive."

Was the play designed to go to Dak? "Well I had two options but Dak was the first option so I just went with that one. And it came out well."

Replay showed you stood-in with a guy bearing down on you? "Yeah, yeah. When I first run that play at practice I actually threw an interception! I got hit at practice and dang, I threw a pick! But you know, by me messing up at practice I helped me better prepare I think in the game. And that's why I threw it while I got hit."

What did you think it would be when you threw? "I saw Dak when I threw it so I knew where he was and I knew it was going to get there. He caught it and he made a play and he scored. I really didn't know he was going to score, I just threw it to him. I knew he was open and I saw all those big boys over there with him, those linemen. So I knew he could trail them to the end zone and that's what he did."

Making plays like that, what does it say about the versatility of this offense? "We have talent all over the field. We have a lot of players that can do a lot of different things. We've got to utilize it and get better, you know, we have to perform. And starting this week we have to have a good practice and take it on to tomorrow and the next day."

Dak Prescott has established himself and y'all know what Tyler Russell can do, how does the offense prepare with two quarterbacks? "Yeah, they're supposed to split snaps. And they've been doing it pretty good lately, last week too. And I guess they're going to do it stating today. But I really don't know too much about the gameplan."

How do you see the two quarterbacks handling this situation? "They handle it pretty good. By Coach Mullen and Coach Koenning managing it for them, and they just do what they say. And they take it as a positive either way. So everything is good."

With your father having played at LSU what does this game mean to you? "I mean it's a huge game. Because growing up I wanted to play for LSU. Just being able to compete against LSU at this level, it's a blessing. I'm going to take advantage of this opportunity and try not to disappoint nobody."

You've been through LSU week before, is this real big boy football? "Yeah it's supposed to be. Because it's really SEC play, every team that plays in the SEC is big boy football. And these are the games people should be hyped about and be ready to do what you're supposed to do. Because this is the game everyone is watching. And then whatever you're trying to get to go, the person that you're trying to get you to go there might be watching too. So it's a big game, it's really the next level from the big level."

There were big plays against Alcorn State and Troy, how important is it to continue that against a team like LSU? "It's really important. It's all about being consistent. And consistency is what we work on and that's what is going to help you to get to the next level. If you're off-and-on then you can't count on you, you'll be in trouble. That's why it's all about consistency and making plays in the big game."

Are you still looking to break that first real punt return? "Yeah, it's going to happen. I'm just being patient. I say when I catch the edge it's on. But it's going to happen soon."

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