Jiles Preps For Solo-Match With Top Tigers

After a first-month of nothing but spread-type offenses, Mississippi State finally has to measure its muscle against an opponent that brings pure power to the field. Or at least that is the popular story line. Back in the Bulldog secondary they see another sort of story while scouting Louisiana State.

These Tigers can most assuredly play throw-and-catch, said Cedric Jiles.

"They've got some really great receivers," the starting cornerback said. "We're going to come out and just play hard, play our technique and come out on top."

It will take more than effort and technique if Mississippi State's defensive backfield is to keep pace with these cats. Jiles and cohorts only have to look as far as third and fourth in this week's SEC statistics to find LSU wideouts Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham listed, hauling in enough balls each week for a combined 205—you ready rightly—yards per contest. Oh, and eleven total touchdowns, too.

What it signals all too clearly is that while their teammates obsess on stuffing the Tiger ground game, the corner-men are matched up with a big-play threat. Alone. This doesn't faze Jiles as much as it excites the second-year freshman, who had to miss last year's game in Baton Rouge with a hand injury.

"Every cornerback has their island!" Jiles smiled. "We just want to go out and make a statement. We accept every challenge every week, day-in and day-out, and know everybody's about the same."

What is it making LSU's offense so effective? "They've got a great quarterback, great receivers. Everybody is good. We've got to come out there and just trust our technique and play ‘em good."

With Beckham and Landry they have two 500-yard receivers, what do you do with those two? "They're both NFL-type receivers. So just practice hard throughout the week and show up on game day."

Has the confidence from Troy carried over into practice? "It was a great game, everybody played well. It motivated the team, helped everybody get their mind together and come out and attack (the) next week."

Jamerson Love said the coaches are more comfortable playing a little more man-to-man now? "It's working out good. Coach (Deshea) Townsend is a great coach, he worked in the NFL and knows what he's talking about, knows what he's doing. So he's helping us out a lot and we have a lot of confidence in ourselves, and go out and play hard."

What difference is there in the defense from last year? "I would say last year we were pretty good, but this year we're more aggressive. And we game-plan very well this year."

The secondary has had several shuffles with injuries, is that helping test everyone together? "Yeah, it takes experience. We're all getting experience every game and get better each week of progress."

What does adding Will Redmond do for the secondary? "It's going to be great. You won't be so tired, everybody can get a little sub and somebody come in just as good as you and make plays as well. So it's going to be great."

How has Redmond handled not being able to play? "Will is a strong-minded person. He's like a brother to me so we all stay on him. He works hard so we're going to be just fine."

When you saw Love take an interception back, did the rest of the cornerbacks say it's our turn? "Yeah, we love that! We're all brothers, we're all ready to make plays. It was a great interception, now it's time for us to make plays, the rest of the corners."

Coach Collins wants the defense to be aggressive but it's not the same as gambling? "At the same time you've got to play smart. But just like even when you're beat, even when you're down, knocked down and getting back up, just play the next play."

What do you look to take away against LSU, when they run and pass both well? "Just everything they're good at. Try to knock them off what they're best at, that's all I can say. We just gameplan, watch them on film, what they like to do and what they don't like to do."

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