CoachSpeak: Boyles on Jackson

The Petal Panthers have been a strong football program over the course of the last few years. After falling in the state title game two years ago, the PHS program has continued to be one of south Mississippi's strongest squads under the direction of head man Marcus Boyles. Boyles took some time out of his schedule to share his thoughts on new Mississippi State commitment Jesse Jackson.

Jesse Jackson profile

"This is just special," said Boyles of Jackson's big day. "This is my second year to coach him and he's just a great young man.

"The things that really stand out about him is that he is a great person with great character and he comes from a great family.

"I guess the think you have to like about him is that Jesse comes to work every single day at practice.

"He is going to come and he's going to give 100%. He is going to be lead by example. None of the young kids can see that Jesse is not doing this or Jesse is not doing that, because Jesse is doing it.

"When your great football players are doing that, it makes it easy to coach."

Boyles believes Jackson has really matured as football player, but that his best football lies ahead.

"I think his size and strength and using his body well and his blocking are his strong points," said Boyles. "When you watch him block on the perimeter, he gets after it pretty good.

"You know he has to work on some technique things like getting off man coverage a little bit.

"He is so strong, so sometimes he just wants to be a bull, but that will come.

"I think that's the only thing he really needs to work on."

Boyles reports that the approach that Jackson used through the recruiting process has been noteworthy.

"I have tried to give him advice, but the main thing I have told him is to just enjoy the process," said Boyles. "Not many guys get to go through this, so I told him to enjoy it.

"I believe he's done that and I know he's gone about things the right way."

With his commitment to Mississippi State now a matter of public record, Jackson is headed to Starkville where Boyles believes he will thrive.

"I think they're getting a great player," said Boyles. "He is not just a guy who can help on offense, but on special teams as well.

"They're getting a great player, but more importantly a great person."

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