FSNextTV: Jameon Lewis Interview

FSNextTV: Mississippi State wide receiver Jameon Lewis talks to the media.

Below the video is a transcript of the Q&A with Lewis.

You have your playbook in your hand. What are some of the things that you are looking at in regard to South Carolina's defense?
"I just started watching them, so I can't really call out what they are doing. But they have some big names on the defensive, so we have to go out there and play ball and give total effort."

Going into the season you saw this stretch - South Carolina, Texas A&M and Alabama - and you knew it would be tough. Now that it's here is this team ready for it?
"I think we are. It's like every other college, we have young players just like they do. We just have to get out on the field and take it one play at a time and get comfortable in the game and just go out there and play."

The Northern Illinois quarterback threw for two touchdowns, rushed for a touchdown and caught a touchdown. Did you see that?
"I didn't see that. I don't get a chance to watch much tv, so I didn't get the chance to see that highlight."

Was this stretch of South Carolina, Texas A&M and Alabama a three-game stretch that you guys circled before the season?
"When we got the schedule, we noticed it down the line. We knew it was three tough SEC games and that we would really have to step it up. We know we have to step it up and get Ws, no matter how we get them, just get them."

Do you feel like you own it, the catch, throw and rush for touchdowns in a game? You've done it twice.
"When I did it I didn't really think it was that big of a deal. But I've done it twice. Hopefully, I can do it again. ."

Just like Coach Mullen said, a lot of people forget that you were a high school quarterback who led your high school team to a state championship. It seems kind of effortless for you when you pass the football.
"Yeah, I'm just out there playing football. Whenever we are playing football I'm the quarterback whether it be two-handed touch or whatever. It's just playing football. It's not just playing league football but also playing in the yard. I will play with anybody, anywhere. I just love to play."

Having the coaches willing to call plays like that, does that say something about the playmakers on this team?
"I'm just happy Coach (Mullen) has enough trust in me to call plays like that. As long as they continue to call plays like that, only good things will happen. I'm just blessed to have opportunities to do things like that."

On your touchdown run against Kentucky you had to come a long way to get ahead of Dak on the option sweep.
"Yes sir, I had to get there real fast because Dak wasn't reading anybody. If the d-end was there, he was just pitching it. I am just glad I was there for the pitch and I just walked in."

Did you thank Brandon for tying up two would-be tacklers?
"Yeah, I did on the sidelines after the play was over. No. 16 was the man on me. When I went in motion I saw him coming. When Brandon blocked his dude, he ran into both of them. So, he really made that play."

What about Robert Johnson's block on that play?
"Was RoJo on the right side? I'm not really sure. I just walked in. Those guys did a great job on that side."

Rank your favorite way to score - receiving, rushing and passing.
"It doesn't matter as long as I get in. As long as I get in it doesn't matter. Offensively, I've been stepping it up. I just have to step it up on kick return and punt return. I'm not satisfied, especially on punts."

Now that Dak Prescott has gotten some serious playing time, has his poise and ability to make plays impressed you? He just seems to have gotten better.
"That's what he's going to do. He's going to keep peaking. Whatever he's not good at, he's going to go at it and get better from there. That's just Dak being Dak. He's going to motivate me to go hard."

Did you have anything to say to Artimas Samuel after he made his big catch?
"Yeah, I told him when he caught it that it was a good catch. As long as Artimas is in the game he's going to make plays, too. So, I wasn't surprised that he caught that pass. But it was a beauty."

What have you guys talked about as far as preparing for the South Carolina defense?
"We really haven't talked about it that much because today is going to be our first meeting about them. But I know we will have a good gameplan. We'll just have to go out there and just ball."

It's been a weird schedule in October, two open dates and three Saturdays off. Now you will be back to a normal routine. Do you like getting back to a normal routine?
"Yes sir, I like being back to playing every week. The couple of breaks that we had help get everybody healthy. I know they got me to be feeling better although I wasn't injured. A break helps you out in a lot of different ways."

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