's Class of 2013 Five-Star Update

In this article I take a look at how's class of 2013 five-star high school recruits did during their recently completed freshman season. I also re-rank them based on their freshman performance.

Before you take a look at the class of 2013 five-star high school recruits (there were 42), here are a few facts about them.

1) Of the 42, seven were redshirted.

2) Although post-season honors are still coming out, as of now, only six of the forty-two have earned some kind of all-conference honors. Florida conerback Vernon Hargreaves was a consensus All-SEC first-team selection, while Ole Miss offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil was selected All-SEC second-team by the AP. Mississippi State's Chris Jones was an AP All-SEC Honorable Mention selection.

Three players earned their conference's Freshman of the Year award, including Arkansas running back Alex Collins in the SEC, Virginia Tech cornerback Kendall Fuller (he was the Defensive Rooker of the Year in the ACC), and Penn State quarterback Christian Hackenberg in the Big-Ten.

Below is the five-star list of 42 from the No. 1 ranked player to the No. 42 ranked player and how they did this season.

No. 1 Robert Nkemdiche, DE, Signed with Ole Miss - Although he didn't live up to the hype of being the top rated player in his class, Nkemdiche had a very good season for a freshman, playing in 10 games while recording 29 tackles, 8 tackles for a loss (2 were sacks). He also had 3 quarterback hurries and broke up 2 passes.

No. 2 Reuben Foster, MLB, Signed with Alabama - Foster played in 9 games for the Crimson Tide, recording 12 tackles, including 1 for a loss.

No. 3 Jaylon Smith, OLB, Signed with Notre Dame - Smith played in 12 games for the Irish. He had 61 tackles (6.5 tackles for a loss), third on the team.

No. 4 Su'a Cravens, S, Signed with USC - Cravens played in 12 games, recorded 51 tackles. He had 4 interceptions while breaking up or knocking down 6 other passes.

No. 5 A'Shawn Robinson, DT, Signed with Alabama - Robinson played in 12 games, recording 36 tackles, including 7 tackles for a loss (5.5 were sacks). He also had 5 quarterback hurries.

No. 6 Derrick Green, RB, Signed with Michigan - Green played in 12 games, rushing for 265 yards and 2 TDs on 82 carries.

No. 7 Laremy Tunsil, OT, Signed with Ole Miss - Tunsil played in all 12 of Ole Miss' games. He was named 2nd-Team All-SEC by AP.

No. 8 Max Browne, QB, Signed with USC - Browne redshirted this season.

No. 9 Eddie Vanderdoes, DT, Signed with UCLA - Vanderdoes played in 12 games, recording 38 tackles, 4.5 for a loss.

No. 10 Ricky Seals-Jones, WR, Signed with Texas A&M - Seals-Jones played in 2 games, recording 3 receptions for 84 yards and 1 TD.

No. 11 Montravius Adams, DT, Signed with Auburn - Adams played in 12 games, recording 20 tackles. He has 1.5 tackles for a loss and 7 quarterback hurries.

No. 12 Thomas Tyner, RB, Signed with Oregon - Tyner played in 11 games, rushing for 689 yards and 9 TDs on 109 carries.

No. 13 Matthew Thomas, OLB, Signed with Florida State - Thomas played in 5 games, recording 4 tackles, including 2 for losses.

No. 14 O.J. Howard, TE, Signed with Alabama - Howard played in 12 games for Alabama, recording 14 receptions for 269 yards and 2 TDs.

No. 15 Kenny Bigelow, DT, Signed with USC - Bigelow redshirted this season.

No. 16 Vernon Hargreaves, CB, Signed with Florida - Hargreaves played in 12 games, recording 38 tackles, 3 interceptions and breaking up 11 passes. Hargreaves earned All-SEC 1st-Team honors by both AP and the SEC Coaches.

No. 17 Alex Collins, RB, Signed with Arkansas - Collins rushed for 1,026 yards and 4 TDs on 190 carries, He also had 11 receptions for 63 yards. He was selected as the SEC Freshman of the Year by the AP.

No. 18 Robbie Rhodes, WR, Signed with Baylor - Rhodes played in 9 games, recording 10 receptions for 157 yards and 0 TDs.

No. 19 Derrick Henry, RB, Signed with Alabama - Henry appeared in 11 games, rushing 282 yards and 2 TDs on 27 carries.

No. 20 Jalen Ramsey, CB, Signed with Florida State - Ramsey played in 13 games, recording 44 tackles. He intercepted 1 pass and knocked down three others.

No. 21 James Quick, WR, Signed with Louisville - Quick appeared in 8 games, recording 5 receptions for 60 yards.

No. 22 Keith Ford, RB, Signed with Oklahoma - Ford played in 9 games, rushing for 119 yards on 20 carries and 1 TD.

No. 23 Robert Foster, WR, Signed with Alabama - Foster was redshirted by Alabama.

No. 24 Chris Jones, DE, Signed with Mississippi State - Jones, in 12 games, recorded 31 tackles, including 7 tackles for a loss (3 sacks). He also broke up 3 passes and had 10 quarterback hurries, the third most in the SEC. He was named to the All-SEC Team as an Honorable Mention selection by AP.

No. 25 Vonn Bell, S, Signed with Ohio State - Bell played in 13 games and recorded 12 tackles.

No. 26 Kendall Fuller, CB, Signed with Virginia Tech - Fuller played in 12 games and had 56 tackles. He had 6 interceptions and broke up 16 passes. He was selected the ACC Defensive Rookie of the Year by the ACC Sports Media Association (ACSMA).

No. 27 Patrick Kugler, OG, Signed with Michigan - Kugler redshirted this season.

No. 28 Mike Mitchell, MLB, Signed with Ohio State - Mitchell redshirted this season.

No. 29 Justin Davis, RB, Signed with USC - Davis played in USC's first 7 games before being injured and having to miss the remainder of the season. He rushed for 361 yards and 6 TDs on 53 carries.

No. 30 Laquon Treadwell, WR, Signed with Ole Miss - Treadwell played in 12 games, catching 67 passes for 557 yards and 5 TDs. He was named the SEC Freshman of the Year by the league coaches.

No. 31 Tony Conner, S, Signed with Ole Miss - Conner played in 12 games, recording 59 tackles (4 tackles for a loss, including 1 sack). He had 5 pass breakups and 4 quarterback hurries.

No. 32 Jalin Marshall, WR, Signed with Ohio State - Marshall redshirted this season.

No. 33 Christian Hackenberg, QB, Signed with Penn State - Hackenberg played in 12 games, completing 231 passes in 392 attempts for 2,955 yards and 20 TDs. He also threw 10 interceptions. He was the consensus All Big-Ten Freshman of the Year.

No. 34 Jonathan Allen, DE, Signed with Alabama - In 11 games for the Tide, Allen recorded 16 tackles, 3 that were for a loss (including .5 of a sack).

No. 35 Greg Gilmore, DT, Signed with LSU - Gilmore redshirted this season.

No. 36 Kent Perkins, OT, Signed with Texas - Perkins played in 5 games for Texas.

No. 37 Ty Isaac, RB, Signed with USC - Issac played in 13 games for the Trojans. He rushed for 192 yards and 2 TDs on 32 carries.

No. 38 Joey Bosa, DE, Signed with Ohio State - Bosa played in 13 games, recording 39 tackles which included 12.5 tackles for a loss (6.5 sacks). He also had 6 quarterback hurries.

No. 39 Dymonte Thomas, S, Signed with Michigan - Thomas appeared in 12 games, recording 5 tackles.

No. 40 Shane Morris, QB, Signed with Michigan - Morris appeared in 4 games, completing 5 of 9 passes for 65 yards. He threw no TDs and was intercepted once.

No. 41 Priest Willis, CB, Signed with UCLA - Willis appeared in 8 games and had 6 tackles in those games.

No. 42 Adam Breneman, TE, Signed with Penn State - In 11 games, Breneman caught 15 passes for 186 yards and 3 TDs.

Based on the information above, taking into consideration the impact each player actually had, below is how the players would be ranked 1-42 now that the regular season is over. When it comes to defensive players, I put significant emphasis on exceptional stats such as tackles for losses, sacks, quarterback hurries, interceptions, pass breakups. In parentheses is where the player was actually ranked in the class of 2013. This ranking is not how I believe each player will do the remainder of his career but the actual impact that he had his freshman season.

No. 1 Vernon Hargreaves (16) - He was a consensus All-SEC first-team selection, the only player to earn first-team honors among all of the 42 players.

No. 2 Laremy Tunsil (7) - He earned All-SEC second-team selection from the AP.

No. 3 Christian Hackenberg (33) - He was the starting quarterback for Penn State and also was a consensus All Big-Ten Freshman of the Year selection.

No. 4 Alex Collins (17) - He was the AP All-SEC Freshman of the Year.

No. 5 Kendall Fuller (26) - He was selected the ACC Defensive Rooker of the Year.

No. 6 Thomas Tyner (12) - He had the third most yards of any offensive player in the 42-man group, behind Hackenberg and Collins.

No. 7 Laquon Treadwell (30) - He was the top receiver, pass receptions and yardage-wise, among the group. He was named the Freshman of the Year in the SEC by the league coaches.

No. 8 Tony Conner (31) - He not only had a large number of tackles (59), but he also had a good combination of exceptional stats (9 total).

No. 9 Joey Bosa (38) - His combination of tackles for loss (12.5) and quarterback hurries (6) really stand out for a defensive lineman. He also recorded 39 tackles.

No. 10 Su'a Cravens (4) - He had 4 interceptions and broke up 6 passes, in addition to recording 51 tackles at his safety position.

No. 11 Jaylon Smith (3) - While he didn't have a great number of exceptional stats, he still was the tackle leader in the 42-man group with 61.

No. 12 Chris Jones (24) - While most of the players above him in this group were full-time starters and had a better opportunity to record stats, Jones was a part-time player for MSU at DT/DE. Despite that, he still had a large number of exceptional stats (7 TFL, 3 BU, 10 QBH) in addition to 31 tackles. He was also selected to the AP All-SEC team as an honorable mention selection.

No. 13 A'Shawn Robinson (5) - His 7 tackles for loss and 5 quarterback hurries were very good for a part-time defensive lineman for the Crimson Tide.

No. 14 Eddie Vanderdoes (9) - While his tackle count was very good for a defensive lineman (38), his 4.5 tackles for loss kept him below the other defensive linemen above him in this group.

No. 15 Jalen Ramsey (20) - Recording 44 tackles as a cornerback is very good. He would have been higher in this group but his exceptional stats were low.

No. 16 Robert Nkemdiche (1) - His exceptional stats were good at 13 but he only had 29 tackles as a full-time starter.

No. 17 Justin Davis (29) - Playing in just 7 games he still had 361 yards and 6 TDs.

No. 18 Derrick Henry (19) - He had 282 yards and 2 TDs in the 11 games that he played in.

No. 19 Derrick Green (6) - He was slightly behind Henry with 265 yards in 12 games played.

No. 20 Montravius Adams (11) - Among the second tier defensive linemen in this group he was the best with 20 tackles and a nice number of exceptional plays.

No. 21 O.J. Howard (14) - He had 14 receptions for 269 yards.

No. 22 Ty Isaac (37) - He rushed for 192 yards and scored 2 TDs.

No. 23 Jonathan Allen (34) - He had 16 tackles in 11 games for the Tide.

No. 24 Adam Breneman (42) - He had a solid freshman season with 15 pass receptions for 186 yards.

No. 25 Robbie Rhodes (18) - He had 10 receptions for 157 yards and 0 TDs.

No. 26 Keith Ford (22) - He rushed for 119 yards and scored a TD.

No. 27 Reuben Foster (2) - Played in 9 games, recording 12 tackles, 1 for a loss.

No. 28 Von Bell (25) - He had 12 tackles in 13 games.

No. 29 Dymonte Thomas (39) - He recorded 5 tackles in 12 games.

No. 30 James Quick (21) - He had 60 yards on 5 catches in 8 games.

No. 31 Priest Willis (41) - He made 6 tackles in 8 games.

No. 32 Kent Perkins (36) - He appeared in 6 games for Texas, including one start.

No. 33 Shane Morris (40) - He appeared in 4 games, completing 5 of 9 passes for 65 yards.

No. 34 Matthew Thomas (13) - He recorded 4 tackles in the 5 games he played in.

No. 35 Ricky Seals-Jones (10) - He only played in 2 games.

T-36/42 Kenny Bigelow (15) - Redshirted.

T-36/42 Max Browne (8) - Redshirted.

T-36/42 Robert Foster (23) - Redshirted.

T-36/42 Greg Gilmore (35) - Redshirted.

T-36/42 Patrick Kugler (27) - Redshirted.

T-36/42 John Marshall (32) - Redshirted.

T-36/42 Mike Mitchell (28) - Redshirted.

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