ScoutTV: Jervontius Stallings

Jervontius Stallings has emerged as a name of interest for several programs in the post season. Stallings had a strong senior campaign at Spain Park and now the offers are beginning to roll in at a more rapid pace. See highlights of Stallings in action in this ScoutTV video presentation.

Jervontius Stallings had a strong year at center. The talented senior has the ability to man any of the inside positions or possibly slide out to tackle if needed.

Stallings is a bit of a swing guy who has the versatility to fill in where his team has a need.

Stallings does a very good job of getting the ball back on target and then getting into his blocks quickly.

The south Mississippi native has good leg drive and can move his man out of the hole and away from the ball carrier with regularity.

Stallings does a very good job of remaining engaged with his man until his guy is on the ground or until the whistle blows.

Toughness is the name of the game for Stallings. He has the potential to start in the SEC as an underclassmen.

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