Cooke Enjoying All-American Activities

Logan Cooke has had a busy holiday season. While many of his friends rang in the New Year in Memphis, Tennessee at Mississippi State's 44-7 Liberty Bowl win over Rice, Cooke was making his way to Orlando, Florida to take part in the O/D All-American Game. From the sound of things, Cooke is doing his part to enjoy the experience.

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"It's been good so far," said Cooke. "We're having a lot of fun and I am getting to meet a lot of different people.

"It's a little different to other events I have been to, because all, but like two guys are committed.

"Those two guys are supposed to announce their decisions during the game.

"There are like 15 guys here committed to Virginia Tech.

"I am not sure how something like that happens."

While Cooke is the lone Mississippi State pledge taking part in the game, he has met a couple of other Mississippians who are on the roster.

"It turns out me and Sammie Epps were on the same flight down here," said Cooke. "We have talked a lot about everything.

"He seems like a real good guy.

"There is an offensive lineman from North Pike (Ethan Frith) who is here and I have met him too."

Cooke reports that while many of his teammates have had to learn a new playbook and learn where to line up under All-Star rules, he has been left mostly to himself.

"I spend a lot of time doing my own thing," said Cooke. "We worked some on field goal protection the other day and this morning we did some kickoff stuff, but it rained. We didn't get to do too much.

"It's all fine with me though. I am just enjoying being down here."

The Mississippi State pledge is eager to finish up his time at Columbia Academy, so that he can join the Bulldogs in the summer.

"I am glad that they won the Egg Bowl and then won the bowl game," said Cooke. "It's exciting to think about the future and the direction of the program.

"I feel like we're going to have some really good teams the next few years."

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