CoachSpeak: Victoria Vivians

Scott Central (MS) High School girls basketball head coach Chad Harrison talks about his senior player Victoria Vivians, a Mississippi State signee.

  • Name: Victoria Vivians
  • Classification: 2014
  • High School: Scott Central (MS) High School
  • Position: Forward
  • HT: 6-foot-0
  • Schools of Interest: Signed with Mississippi State

    "We have been very blessed to have been able to coach her," said Harrison. "Victoria is a player with the total package. She can do almost anything on the floor.The people in this part of the state and in these communities, to be able to watch her on a daily basis, to play against her, have been blessed to be able to do that. I don't think people across this state and this nation realize how good she is. And we've been able to be a part of this."

    Harrison encourages anybody who hasn't seen Vivians play to do that before her high school career comes to an end.

    "(Her high school career is) going to be over in a couple of months," he said. "I would just encourage people, if they haven't seen her play, to take the time to come watch her play. I don't think a phenomenon like her will come along again for a long, long time."

    Not only is she a very, very talented player, but she has also one other thing that you can't teach.

    "Victoria has a tremendous will to win," said Harrison. "You can't teach that. I see her go do it so many times when things aren't going her way. Yes, she made a few mistakes. But when you are asked to do as many things as we ask her to do, it's amazing how many times she comes through. She always comes through. It seems like she always wins."

    You would think someone with all the accolades that Victoria has won might let it go to her head. Not so, says Harrison.

    "You hear about players that are prima donnas, players that have bad attitudes but we don't have to worry one single bit about that with Victoria," said Harrison "She has been the most fun, amazing kid to coach. Forget basketball, people love her just the way she is."

    And the way she is off the court is completely opposite of how she is on the court. On the court she is cool, calm and very serious.

    "She is just the biggest kid and practical joker (off the court)," said Harrison. "She is just the most fun loving kid that you could ever be around."

    While Victoria is one of the most talented high school basketball players to have ever played in the state of Mississippi, Harrison believes there are things that she will improve upon once she gets to Mississippi State.

    "Obviously, when they get her they will refine her skills," he said. "She'll have those individual workouts and some of those weaknesses that she has will get better. Her ball-handling will get better. As confident as she appears now, she'll become even more confident. Her shooting consistency will get better. Her left-hand will get better. And she'll get stronger. The thing about her is she will accept their help to get her better."

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