Class of 2016 Mario Kegler Update

Callaway (MS) High School wing Mario Kegler, 1 four-star standout in the class of 2016, talks one-on-one with Gene's Page.

Talk about your game tonight. Personally, I thought it was really good.
"It was ok. I had a good game. I got the defense down pretty good and got to the basket. And I shot it ok."

Your teammate, Malik Newman, was off a little bit tonight and it looked like you took up the slack.
"Yeah, we had to step up for him and perform."

I know you are still only a sophomore but you have quite a few schools showing interest in you. Who are those schools?
"Mississippi State, Ohio State, Texas, UNLV, Arizona .... really, there are a lot."

Have they all offered?
"Yes sir."

Do you have plans on visiting any of the schools or going to their camps?
"I'll probably visit and camp with some of the schools later on in the year."

Do you notice when coaches come to your games?
"Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't."

There were a couple of coaches at your game tonight. How does it make you feel when you see coaches at your games?
"It motivates me."

Does it impress you that they would make the effort to come to your games?
"Yes sir, it impresses me a lot."

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