Class of 2016 Clint Moses Update

Madison-Ridgeland Academy class of 2016 point guard Clint Moses talks one-on-one with Gene's Page.

Clint, you play two sports, football and basketball. Describe yourself as a basketball player.
"As a basketball player, I mainly try to be a team player because you can't win by yourself. You need a team to win. Also, basketball is a game of mistakes. The key is make less mistakes than your opponent.

"As far as playing two sports, I believe basketball is my most difficult sport because of all the running you do in it. But it's not hard to do. It's a good sport and I love it."

Which sport do you feel you are better at? I know you are still just a sophomore, so you are still growing, still developing physically.
"A lot of people say that I'm good at this sport or good at that sport but only God can give me a sign on which sport I'm best at. But I'm not really sure yet. In college, I plan on playing both sports."

You are playing point guard for your team. Is that your normal position?
"Last year, close to the end of the season, I started running point guard. So, yes, this is my first year to be the point guard."

You seem to handle the position really well.
"Yes, I just ask God to help me out through the games."

What positions do you play in football?
"I play running back and defensive end. This year, I may also be playing wide receiver."

Describe yourself as a player on the football field?
"This year, I liked playing running back because I like to run people over. I would rather run them over than use juke moves. But defensive end is fun, too. But if I had to choose, I would say that I would choose offense, running back."

I know you are still just a sophomore but are schools starting to show recruiting interest in you?
"Not really because I'm just a sophomore."

Do you plan on going to any camps this summer, football or basketball?
"I plan on going to both."

Have you decided which teams' camps you will attend?
"I am going to try and go to some Mississippi State and Ole Miss football camps. I'm also going to try and go to the Underclassmen Combine in New Orleans this summer."

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