Class of 2017 Devin Gilmore Update

Madison-Ridgeland Academy small forward Devin Gilmore, an extremely athletic player who could wind up being one of the better players in the class of 2017, talks one-on-one with Gene's Page.

Describe yourself as a player?
"I am a really good, athletic player. I like to shoot, run into the lane and draw contact."

You can really jump. You had two outstanding dunks in the game. What is your vertical?
"I really don't know. Last year, it was 38 but I haven't checked it this year."

Is your offensive game more outside or inside?
"More outside. I'm a real good shooter."

I've seen some of your strong points but what are some things that you still need to really work on?
"I really need to work on my inside game, my rebounding."

Considering you are still just a freshman and are still growing, I know your position may change as you continue to grow, but what is your position right now?
"Small forward."

Have they mentioned maybe playing you at four since it's likely that you will continue to grow? Your uncle is Jonathan Bender, so you very likely could grow even taller.
"They've tried me at four but Coach said that's not the position for me."

You have played AAU basketball. How has it helped your overall game?
"It helps me throughout the year. And it helps me with my running and jumping."

What schools are showing interest in you?
"It's the same people. Mississippi State is showing a little more interest than everybody else. Syracuse is also showing interest."

Are you going to visit any schools, maybe attend games and camps?
"I'm going to try and visit Kentucky, Mississippi State and Syracuse, camps and games."

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