ScoutTV: Ronald Cochran

Ronald Cochran made the move from Craigmont High School in Memphis to nearby Olive Branch, Mississippi for his senior season. Cochran put together a solid senior season that led to some college options. See the talented big man in action in this ScoutTV video presentation.

Ronald Cochran played right tackle for Olive Branch as a senior.

He does a very nice job in pass protection. Cochran has a good understanding of what he needs to do to keep the pocket clean for his quarterback.

With his wingspan and solid footwork, he is able to keep players out and away from him, which enables him to keep his quarterback upright without having to give up ground and collapse the pocket.

While drive blocking is an area in need of improvement, Cochran does a nice job of pulling and getting out in front of his back to clear a path.

One of the best thing about Cochran is his ability to remain patient, engage his man and then slip out in front on the screen play.

It takes some real discipline to handle that responsibility without tipping the play.

Cochran does not get down in a three point stance, so it is tough to tell how good his ankle flexion is. He looks to be a bit stiff at times, but that can be handled with a redshirt year and some quality time in the strength and conditioning program.

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