Williams Ready To Be A Bulldog

West Point HS 2014 running back Aeris Williams, who signed with Mississippi State earlier this month, is the kind of person and player who is the perfect fit for the Mississippi State football team.

  • Name: Aeris Williams
  • Classification: 2014
  • High School: West Point (MS) High School
  • Position: Running Back
  • Uniform No: Number 22
  • HT: 6-1, WT: 206
  • Scout.com Ranking: 4-star
  • Schools of Interest: Signed with Mississippi State

  • When you talk to West Point High School head football coach Chris Chambless you can see and hear how much he really cares about his senior running back Aeris Williams.

    "He is probably the most humble, caring person that I have ever coached and I've coached a lot of kids," says Chambless. "He is the guy who wants to make everybody happy and not disappoint anyone. He's a very lovable, likeable guy and that's going to carry him a long way in life even after football is over."

    And his feelings about Williams go beyond the football field.

    "He is great with my family," said Chambless. " He's great with my kids, other people's kids. My wife is great with him. He'll talk with my wife about things that he wouldn't talk to me about. His mom is the same way with me and my family. She has accepted us and she trusts us with him. Some moms might not do that."

    When you talk to Williams you find out that the feeling is mutual when it comes to Chambless and his wife.

    "I love both of them," said Williams. "They treat me just like a son. And whenever I need them they are there for me. I just thank God for putting them in my life."

    And Chambless plans on being in Williams' life for a long time.

    "A lot of guys who graduate from here and go off to college, I may talk to them twice a year but I think Aeris will probably be a guy who I will talk to once a week," said Chambless. "I look forward to that and look forward to being a part of his future."

    While Williams is a great person off the field, according to Chambless, he's also a winner on the field.

    "He is that guy who says put me in any where coach, I just want to win," said Chambless. "He knows he has to work hard to get to where he wants to go. And he's had to work hard to get to where he is now. You never have to ask him to work hard, ever have to force him to work hard. There were numerous times (in practice) when he ran with the offense, then went and ran with the defense. He didn't have to do that but he's one of those guys who has those intangibles that leaders have."

    Williams explained what drives him when he's on the football field.

    "I did what I did because I wanted to win," he said. "We come from a winning team and winning was all that I had in my head."

    This past season Williams won numerous awards. And as you would expect, he gave all the credit for his winning the awards to his teammates.

    "It made me feel good but I just want to thank all the other players who contributed to me having that success," said Williams. "I want to thank my fullback. Those guys are the ones who allowed me to have the season I did."

    Chambless expects Williams to do well during his Mississippi State career.

    "The number one thing about him is he will stay healthy, not just physically but mentally as well," said Chambless. "He is strong mentally and that will help him. Physically, I know what they do over there when they work. And they will get him bigger, stronger and faster. (MSU running backs) Coach Greg Knox will do a good job with him. But the thing that is going to set him apart is his mental toughness. He will do the extra things that he needs to do to get better."

    Working hard was one of the factors that caused Williams to sign with Mississippi State.

    "They make you work for what you get, and I liked that," said Williams.

    Williams also liked how he was treated by the Mississippi State coaches and players.

    "Everybody just clicked when I went over there," he said. "Their coaches are like my coaches here; they are family-based, just like we are. I know you are supposed to be nice to the recruits when they come over but they were just showing love everywhere. It was like you were already part of the team."

    And in a few months he actually will be a part of the Mississippi State football team.

    "I'm really looking forward to it," said Williams. "I will be going against the best of the best. I'm just ready to compete with the guys over at State and win the SEC."

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