Troutman Talks MSU Visit

Taylor County (Butler, GA) High School 2014 shooting guard Gerdarius Troutman talks about his unofficially visit to Mississippi State this past weekend.

  • Name: Gerdarius Troutman
  • Classification: 2014
  • High School: Taylor County High School (Butler, GA)
  • Position: Shooting Guard
  • HT: WT: 6-foot-4, 175
  • Ranking: NR
  • Schools Of Interest: Mercer, Mississippi State, New Hampshire, St. Peters, South Alabama, Southern (LA) University, Wofford, Youngstown State

  • Troutman had a great time at Mississippi State during his visit.

    "I liked the visit a lot," said Troutman. "I liked the campus. They have real good facilities. The locker room was real nice. It had built in iPads and pool tables in it. I liked that they have an academic center for the athletes. I liked the coaches and how honest they are. I like Coach (George) Brooks a lot. I like the fanbase. (The game) wasn't really packed but I liked how passionate they were.

    "I got to go down to the locker room and talk to a few of the players. I met Gavin Ware and a few of the others."

    Troutman had time during his two-day visit to sit down with the coaches and get to know them a little better.

    "I had been talking to Coach Brooks and I have a good feeling where he is," said Troutman. "I know he is onboard. I think if it was up to him he would have (already) offered me. He's just trying to get Coach (Rick) Ray onboard. We brought some film and my transcripts with us. It seemed like Coach Brooks liked my film a lot. Coach Ray hasn't had the chance to watch it yet.

    "I had a meeting with Coach Ray and he told me about their rules and regulations and different things like that. He talked about his philosophies and other stuff."

    After watching his first SEC game in person he discussed how he feels he would fit in on an SEC team.

    "I think I can fit in on an SEC team. I think I can spread the floor (due to my shooting ability)," said Troutman. "Seeing the juniors and others on the teams I know they are all developed (physically). Coming from the school I come from I feel like I haven't developed like them yet. We don't life weights on a consistent basis (at my school). I feel like my ceiling is very high due to that. And I think once I get SEC type coaching I can be even better. And I'm a hard worker. When I go to college I'm going to be the hardest working guy."

    While Troutman waits to see if Mississippi State will offer, he realizes he'll need to be patient.

    "Coach Brooks sounds like he thinks (an offer is) going to happen," said Troutman. "He said they are going to evaluate (my film) Monday, then Coach Ray is going to come out and watch me work out. (Coach Brooks) said once their season is over that is when Coach Ray will come and watch me.

    "I am going to try and be patient (until that visit)."

    Troutman talked about the benefits that he has already seen due to being patient.

    "Being patient is the best thing because I could have committed awhile ago (to other schools that have offered) but by being patient other things are popping up," he said. "It's not real difficult to be patient because you just have to have faith that God will bring you through it. Whatever he wants to happen will happen. That's why I have peace about it. "

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