The Forums Back Online (6 am Update)

The forums, including the Gene's Page forums, are currently offline due to database and hardware issues. Included is an explanation why the failure occurred. (The forums are back online. Due to the backup process all posts from February 13th to February 24th were lost.-Gene.)

This was received from the tech department to send to all of you.

To our users and customers,

We apologize for the forums issues this past week. They arise from having to replace obsolete hardware that had not been updated under previous ownership. These updates had originally been planned for after NCAA basketball season, to minimize intrusiveness, but we obviously now will be accelerating this work. We will do whatever it takes to provide stability, speed and capacity, but will err on the side of getting things right for the long haul as opposed to a Band-Aid approach.

This paragraph is from me to you. While was with FoxSports, they (FoxSports) simply let things slide, putting the upgrading of our hardware, basically, on the sidelines. Now, we are starting to see the results of that. The good news is the company that purchased (NAMG) is putting millions of dollars into upgrading the entire system so that it will be state-of-the art. I understand that doesn't help today but it will prevent outages like we have had this month.

Gene Swindoll
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