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Kentavious Thomas committed to Mississippi State just over a month ago. Since that time, a lot has changed with the three star running back. Heading into his senior season, the hard charging rusher is seeing some changes at Baldwin High School that could lead to a change in offensive philosophy. Thomas got some insight into the potential play call this fall earlier today.

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"I am not sure when we are going to start spring practice, because we just got a new coach," said Thomas. "I had the chance to talk to the new coach some today and he seems pretty good.

"He told me that he wants me to be real involved with everything, because he is more of a running coach.

"He said that he likes to run the football, so I need to be ready to go this season."

Thomas earned a reputation as a solid north and south runner early on in his high school career, but the Georgia native is looking to polish other aspects of his game this spring and summer.

"I am running track right now, because I want to get faster," said Thomas. "I am going to be working on a lot of footwork drills this summer too, because I want to be more elusive.

"I just want to be better in all areas, but I want to really get my footwork down this year."

Thomas expects to see some familiar faces from Mississippi make the trip to the Peach State in a few weeks to see him in spring practice action.

"I was talking with Coach (John) Hevesy today and he said they were coming out to see me this spring," said Thomas. "I am looking forward to seeing them."

The Bulldogs and Thomas appeared to have a little lack of communication earlier this month, but it appears things are all clear now.

"I know that they can't call me right now," explained Thomas. "I had called a couple of times and they hadn't picked up, but I got a hold of them and everything is fine.

"Sometimes they get busy and they can't call me back, so they have been messaging me on twitter and all of that.

"Everything is good with Mississippi State."

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Thomas has had time to reflect on his recent visit to Starkville and he feels even better about his decision.

"I really like Coach Hevesy and Coach Greg Knox," said Thomas. "They keep it real with you.

"When I went there and visited I really liked it.

"It wasn't really about facilities or about the campus, but they have the people there to really help you.

"You get a lot of one-on-one tutoring and they are really serious about academics.

"I know I can go there and play and get my education and both of those are real important to me."

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