Ray Willing to Relocate

Dion Ray of Helen Cox High is one of south Louisiana's most explosive play makers. Ray lines up behind center on the high school level, but he has the athleticism to play any number of positions should the need arise. With a half dozen offers to his credit, Ray reports that he is eager to learn more about each of the schools making him a priority.

Dion Ray profile

"I have offers right now from Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Arizona State, ULL, Florida and Austin Peay," said Ray. "I haven't had the chance to really go anywhere to see any of the schools yet, but I plan to.

"I got invited to ULL's junior day this weekend, so I am probably going to go over there.

"It's not that far away."

Ray is a dynamic athlete who has the versatility to be a star on the college level on either side of the ball.

Heading into his final high school spring practice season, Ray is looking to sharpen his skills in an effort to play behind center once his days on the prep level are done.

"Everybody is recruiting me as an athlete, but they say that they are going to give me a chance to play quarterback," said Ray. "I really want a chance to play quarterback, because that's really all I've ever known.

"I know I could play another position, but I really want to be able to play quarterback if I can."

Due to his limited knowledge of his current list of suitors, Ray is in no hurry to end the recruiting process.

"I am not going to decide anytime soon," said Ray, "You never know what is going to happen, but I am not planning on making a decision yet.

"I haven't had a chance to see any of the schools that have offered me yet and I want to see some of them before I make a decision.

"I want to see what happens in the spring. I mean the summer is not even here yet, so I want to wait and see who all is going to come through and offer me.

"I hope I get some more offers. I like the schools that have offered me, but I hope this isn't all of the offers I get.

"I am just going to take my time."

Ray reports that his decision will be based on multiple factors, but the proximity to his home base of New Orleans is not a huge part of his deliberations.

"I don't have to stay close to home. I will go wherever I need to go to play football," said Ray. "I am not sure what I want to major in, but once I decide that the school I choose will have to have that major.

"I am not just a football player. I care about my grades too and I want to get a good education.

"I am keeping all of the schools even right now, because I haven't had the chance to see any of them yet.

"I just know that I will go where I need to go once I find the right school for me."

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