Igbinoba Plans Bulldog Future

It has been a year of ups and downs for Richardson, Texas standout Kendrick Igbinoba. After receiving offers from New Mexico State and Oregon State among others, the talented running back found himself without a partner on National Signing day. Despite some setbacks off of the field, Igbinoba kept his wits about him and fought hard to make his major college dreams come true.

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"I had some offers, but then I ended up on academic suspension and all of that dried up," said Igbinoba. "By the time I had everything taken care of, I didn't have those offers anymore."

Mississippi State stayed in contact with the speedy Igbinoba and it appears that the Bulldogs' persistence has paid off.

"Coach (Greg) Knox was the first coach to ever contact me," said Igbinoba. "He stayed in touch with me even when other schools stopped communicating with me.

"Now that everything is settled, I am going to be enrolling at Mississippi State this summer and walking on to the football team this year."

While Igbinoba will not be on the scholarship rolls for 2014, the Lone Star State standout has the opportunity to earn a spot in the future.

"I am going to be paying my own way this year, so I will probably be enrolling in July," said Igbinoba. "They told me that they didn't have a scholarship for me this year, but if I come in and work hard that I could earn one maybe next year.

"I am just happy to have the opportunity to play."

This weekend the talented Igbinoba spent some time in Starkville in an effort to become more familiar with his future surroundings.

"I had a great time and I love the campus and all of the facilities," said Igbinoba. "It's a great school and it's a great opportunity for me.

"I got the chance to talk with Coach Knox and he introduced me to a lot of people."

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Igbinoba played several positions in high school at Richardson High.

His college future appears to involve him carrying the football in one form or fashion.

"They are talking about me playing running back or tight end," explained the 6-2, 220 pounder. "I am really hoping to play running back.

"That would sort of be a dream come true for me and I am going to work hard to make that happen."

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