Thomas Adds New SEC Option

Central High school standout receiver Deddrick Thomas is one of the top prospects in the greater Memphis area for the 2015 signing class. With double digit offers in hand, Thomas has a lot of thinking to do. The recruiting process continues to be an enjoyable experience for the talented wide out. Earlier today, Thomas picked up an offer from Mississippi State.

Deddrick Thomas profile

"I went down there on an unofficial visit and to see the team practice," said Thomas of Mississippi State. "After the practice was over, Coach (Dan) Mullen and Coach (Billy) Gonzales were talking with me.

"Coach Mullen let me know that they were offering me a scholarship."

Thomas reports that the welcome news made a very positive impression on him.

"I am happy," said Thomas. "I have always liked Mississippi State and I liked seeing the team today and getting to talk with some of the coaches.

"Coach Mullen didn't have to tell me too much, because I understood what they were saying about the offer.

"I am going to be in touch with them a lot and try to get back down here to the campus to spend some more time to see what type of relationship I can build with everybody.

"Mississippi State has a great engineering program and that's something that I am really looking at too."

The Bulldogs join a crowded offer field that includes Cincinnati, Memphis, Middle Tennessee, Ole Miss, Southern Miss and Vanderbilt among others.

Mississippi State has made a strong move with Thomas who reports that he does not plan to drag out the selection process.

"I am going to narrow things down this summer and then make my decision," explained Thomas. "I am looking for the school that is the best for me and my future.

"I am the one who has to be there for four years or for however many years God has for me there, so I have to make the right decision.

"I want to pick the school that is going to be the best for my major and my education and then I want to see about the football program."

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