Johnson Still in the Fold

Bruce high school star Jay Johnson picked up an early offer from Mississippi State. Not long after that offer was extended, Johnson made a verbal commitment to the Bulldogs. Since that time, other programs have elected to follow suit and make offers of their own. While Johnson admits he is proud of every opportunity he has earned, he reports that he remains committed to Mississippi State.

Jay Johnson profile

"Things have been going good," said Johnson. "I now have offers from Memphis, Southern Miss, Ole Miss and of course Mississippi State.

"Auburn is showing high interest in me too.

"I am getting a lot of interest, but I am still committed to Mississippi State."

Johnson reports that he hears from the Bulldogs on a regular basis.

"Coach (Scott) Sallach has been hitting me up some on twitter," said Johnson. "I haven't been talking to them, but they stay in touch.

"I haven't been over there for a spring practice yet, but I am going to try to get over there for one.

"Next weekend, I am going to be in Florida with my 7-on-7 team, so I am not going to be able to go over there to Mississippi State."

In addition to his 7-on-7 trips, Johnson has a lot to keep him busy this spring.

"I am running track right now," said Johnson. "We had our first track meet yesterday and things went good.

"I am running all of the sprints and I got first place in everything yesterday.

"We start spring football at the end of the month and I am excited about that.

"I really want to work on being more of a leader this year, so I can help lead our team to a state championship."

Once the spring sports at Bruce are done, Johnson expects his schedule to ease up just a bit.

"I am going to go to a couple of camps and do some 7-on-7 with my teammates and all of that," said Johnson. "I am working everyday to get better in everything."

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