Welch 'surprised & excited' by Cuse offer

Offensive tackle Donovan Welch picked up his third offer on Thursday when Syracuse pulled the trigger.

Offensive tackle is a key position for Syracuse in 2015. One of their most recent offers went out to Groveland (Fla.) South Lake High offensive tackle Donovan Welch. It was his third offer.

"In my fourth period class yesterday, I got a text from my coach," Welch said. "He sent me a phone number for the quarterbacks coach, Tim Lester. Right after I got out of school, I gave him a ring and he really just blessed me today. It was a blessing and it surprised me. He started talking about Syracuse and said he loved my film.

"After that he flat out said he wanted to offer me a scholarship. He's coming down for my first spring practice on May 7th. He said he's real excited to come watch me. I was just really surprised. I was smiling ear to ear really. It's just a blessing. I know I'm going to go to college now so it's really exciting."

During the conversation, the 6-foot-5 tackle was impressed by coach Lester and is looking forward to meeting him next month.

"He sounded real enthusiastic about coming down to see me," Welch said. "All around, he does sound really energetic. I'm just starting to learn more about the college. He wants me to do a little bit of research on that. But he's just real energetic about coming down to see my spring practice."

In order to learn more about the program, Welch hopes to take a visit. Regardless, he knows he has to do some research on Syracuse to see if it's the right fit.

"Maybe taking an unofficial visit sometime," Welch said. "I live in Florida, but I have family in New York up in Rochester and Rome. I don't know when I can take an unofficial visit up there but I'll try to get up there.

"I'm pretty open to anything. I'd like to learn more about the program first. I'm not really sure yet what I want to do. But it sounds really interesting from the sound of it. I just have to do a little bit more research on it and go from there."

When Welch does make his decision, he is looking for a school that feels like home. More than that, he is focused on the education aspect.

"Really where the school is and stuff," Welch said. "And my major, education wise. I want to major in forestry and wildlife. Maybe if the school has a strong area in my education, that would be real nice."

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