Peters Talks Bulldogs

Bassfield's Jamal Peters is one of the top prospects in the country. The talented safety has offers from around the region and is expected to be one of the most evaluated prospects during the spring. This weekend, Peters made a return trip to Starkville, Mississippi to check in one of his top schools, Mississippi State.

Jamal Peters profile

"I had a good trip to Mississippi State," said Peters. "I was really paying attention to the defensive side of the ball most of the time.

"I take defense really seriously.

"They were really flying around to the ball.

"I feel like they are better than they were last year.

"They were making some big plays last year, but this year they are flying to the ball a lot more.

"I was watching them and sort of picturing myself out there with them."

Peters reports that Mississippi State has done a great job recruiting him so far.

"Some people are talking about me being the #1 player in the state and Mississippi State treats me like I am the #1 player in the state," said Peters. "Every school should treat you like Mississippi State treats you.

"I have been to a lot of other schools and I liked them, but Mississippi State makes you feel like you're at home."

While on campus, Peters was able to speak with Coach Dan Mullen about a possible future in Maroon and White.

"I talked with Coach Mullen a long time," said Peters. "He was asking me if I wanted to play receiver or safety and I told him I might want to play both.

"He said that was fine and that I could play whatever I wanted, because he wants me to be a Bulldog.

"I really want to play safety, but I would like to play some at receiver and he said that I could if I came up there."

The Bulldogs appear to have made a strong impression on Peters, but so far he remains available.

"Nobody at Mississippi State is pressuring me or anything like that," said Peters. "They were telling me that they are enjoying recruiting me and getting to know me and that they want me to take my time and be sure about everything.

"I am not ready to decide yet. I want to see what all offers are going to come, but I like what Mississippi State is saying to me.

"Mississippi State is sort of like Bassfield to me. A lot of people talk about being a family, but it really feels like a family there.

"I don't want to commit and then end up decommitting or anything like that.

"I only want to decide once and I will when I am ready.

"Mississippi State is telling me to just take my time and that I will know when the time is right."

For now, Peters is enjoying the courtship and doing his part on the fields of play to bring Bassfield a sense of pride.

"I have four baseball games left and then I will be getting ready for spring football on April 23rd," said Peters. "I am really looking forward to that.

"Coach was telling me that I need to come out there with my head screwed on straight, because a bunch of schools like Florida State, LSU, Alabama and Auburn are coming to see me practice.

"I will be ready for all of that, but I mainly want to get ready to go win another state championship.

"I'm a senior and they say your senior year goes by real fast, so I want to be able enjoy everything before I go off to college."

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