A Q&A With MSU DL Preston Smith

Gene's Page talks one-on-one with Mississippi State senior defensive end Preston Smith.

How excited are you about this defense?
"I am really excited. I feel like we have so much talent on the field this year. Everybody is trying to use their talent to help the team."

You are going into your senior year. How are you trying to improve?
"I am trying to work on my run-stopping, being a better run-stopper this year. I want to bring a more overall game to the team this year, a more consistent game each game."

What are you doing to become a better run-stopper?
"I try to focus on my hand placement, my eye placement, small keys of the game. I want to work on where to keep my feet when I take on certain blocks, how to squeeze the gap."

There are a few young guys who haven't played a lot in their careers, guys like Nick James and Jordan Washington. What are your impressions of them this spring?
"Jordan is a hard work each and every day. He works on everything. Nick James has a lot of talent and athletic ability for someone his size. He's trying to get it right but he has a lot of potential for his size."

You see Chris Jones everyday in practice. Geoff Collins said he's starting to play with good technique. What are some positive things you see from him this spring?
"I see him everyday and work with him everyday. I've seen him work on his technique a lot. He realizes that he can't just do it on talent alone. When you use your ability along with your technique and you will become a much better player."

You saw most of the defenses in the SEC last season. How do you compare this Bulldog defense to those defenses?
"Of course I'm a believer in my defense. I believe that we can be one of the best defenses in the SEC, if not the best. We have a lot of talent coming back, Jamerson Love, Taveze Calhoun, Kendrick Market, Jay Hughes. We have Benardrick McKinney, Matt Wells, P.J. Jones, Kaleb Eulls and a lot of other guys who got a lot of experience last year. So, we have a lot of guys who know what they need to do."

What are you doing to help make it one of the best in the SEC?
"I'm trying to bring as much to the table as I can to help the defense out this year."

What are your thoughts about the offensive line? You go against them in practice everyday in practice.
"They are moving them around, trying to develop the best offensive line that they can. They are a bunch of great guys who are trying to be the best that they can be. Once they get all the pieces in place I believe it can be one of the best offensive lines that has ever played at Mississippi State."

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