Dismuke Adds SEC Offer

Carson High (CA) standout Markel Dismuke is off and running. Just wrapping up his sophomore year of high school, Dismuke has picked up his second major college offer with talk of more options on the way. Earlier today, the SEC came calling when Mississippi State extended an offer to the rising star.

Markel Dismuke profile

"Mississippi State called my coach today and they told him that I have an offer from them now," said Dismuke. "I haven't talked to them yet, but I will pretty soon.

"My coach was telling me all about it.

"I think my coach knows one of the coaches over there, so I think that's how they find out about me."

California is a bit off of the beaten trail for Mississippi State's recent recruiting efforts, but it appears that the Bulldogs are expanding their footprint on a more national level.

"I am willing to play any position in college," said Dismuke. "It's great to get an offer from the SEC.

"I am willing to play whatever position that would help the team if I went there."

The Bulldogs are the second school to extend an offer, but they will not be the last.

"I have an offer from Arizona State already," said Dismuke. "I have the offer from Mississippi State now too, but there are some other schools talking with my coach.

"I am not really worrying about recruiting. I am just letting my coach handle all of that.

"I would like to hear from Utah more though. I am working hard and I hope that I get an offer from them too."

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