Linton Still Locked In

Walnut star Armani Linton was one of the first to commit to Mississippi State for the 2015 signing class. Since that time, Linton has added a couple of other offers, but nothing has changed his mind about the Bulldogs. The rising senior recently attended a Mississippi State practice in an effort to learn more about his prospects in Starkville.

Armani Linton profile

"I had a good time up there," said Linton. "I enjoyed watching them get after it.

"They had some things that they wanted to work on and by the end of practice they were a lot better at those things and I liked seeing that.

"They all showed a lot of effort and you can tell that they have a real commitment to get better."

As more than a casual observer, Linton was eager to see the defensive backfield in action.

"I like to see people work hard to get better and be the best that they can be," said Linton. "I saw a lot of that and that's the kind of person I am.

"I am not going to settle for less than the best I can be, so I want to be around people who are working to be their best too."

The three star prospect reports that he is in contact with his area recruiter at Mississippi State a great deal.

"I hear something from Coach (Scott) Sallach every single day," said Linton. "He is always checking up with me and seeing how I am doing and what is going on with me.

"He has been in touch with my coach and my counselor to be sure that I am on top of everything.

"We have a good relationship."

The Bulldogs are not the only in state school keeping tabs on the talented safety.

"I hear from a couple of coaches at Ole Miss too," said Linton. "They have told me that they have a place for me if I change my mind.

"Coach (Hugh) Freeze, Coach (Barney) Farrar and the other coaches have told me to do what makes me happy and that they know I am the one who has to be happy with the decision most of all.

"They aren't pressuring me or anything like that."

Despite the Rebels' recent recruiting efforts, Linton reports his pledge to the Bulldogs remains in tact.

"I am still solid with Mississippi State," said Linton. "In the end, it's not really my decision.

"I am doing what God lays on my heart and I am going where he leads me."

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