Sooner Better Than Later

Nixa, Missouri running back Alec Murphy currently holds offers from Illinois, Iowa, Iowa State, Mississippi State and Purdue with even more schools showing a high level of interest. Schools looking to make an impression may want to consider picking up the pace. Murphy is planning to announce his college intentions before the 2014 season begins.

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"I have been thinking about everything a lot lately," said Murphy. "I may decide here at the end of spring or sometime during the middle of the summer.

"I am not exactly sure yet, but I feel like making a decision sooner rather than later is the way to go.

"I think that would be best for me and for the school that I commit to, because that would save them some time recruiting for my position.

"I don't want to drag things out and then somebody give up on me because they were tired of waiting for me to commit and end up pulling the offer."

Murphy reports that his recruitment is doing well and that several schools are working hard to forge a relationship with him.

"My first offer was Illinois, my second offer was Iowa, my third offer was Purdue, my fourth offer was Mississippi State and Iowa State was my fifth," reported Murphy. "I am hearing a lot from Indiana, Michigan State, Michigan, Georgia, Vanderbilt and a few more programs.

"I am not sure who else may offer me, but I am happy with the offers I have."

The three star running back has not ruled out any schools, but admits that a trio of programs currently lead the pack.

"Mississippi State, Iowa and Purdue are the schools that have talking the most about with my family and friends," said Murphy. "I haven't made a decision yet, but those are the ones I am looking at the hardest today.

"I am still considering all of the schools that are recruiting me and I am not ready to eliminate anybody yet."

Murphy would like to avoid any distractions this fall as he prepares for his final high school season.

"We have the chance to be the best this year," said Murphy of his team. "We have 10 to 20 people who are benching over 250 pounds and 10 to 20 who are squatting over 400, so you know what we're about.

"We just need to carry all of that over to the field together.

"I feel like if we all do our best as individuals we can work towards a common goal as a team and I think we can have a great season."

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