ScoutTV: Deddrick Thomas

Mississippi State picked up an important commitment on Tuesday when Memphis-Central High School wide receiver Deddrick Thomas elected to pledge his allegiance to the Maroon and White. The athletic Thomas projects as a slot receiver on the next level and he certainly has the skill set to fulfill the requirements for the position.

Deddrick Thomas lines up most plays behind center on the high school level as a quarterback, which enables him to have a maximum impact on the game.

Central High runs an offense with a lot of the spread option elements and that scheme fits Thomas extremely well.

Thomas has excellent vision and has a real knack for finding a running lane to extend the play when it appears that the defense has him corralled.

Once Thomas gets to the corner, he is very tough to contain. He has the speed to run away from defenders in the open field and the elusiveness to make people miss in space.

In many respects the spread quarterback is the best receiver on his team, because he has to catch the ball every single play from the shotgun position.

Thomas has some very good hands and the raw attributes to be a very good college receiver.

He will simply need some time to learn the nuances of his future position once he makes the move from under center to out wide on a permanent basis.

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