MSU Football Stadium Reseating: A-Z

Gene's Page sat down with Mike Richey, the Senior Associate A.D. in charge of the Bulldog Club and Ticket Operations, and talked about the reseating process that is currently going on for Mississippi State's Davis Wade Stadium. He discussed the entire process from the beginning of the process to the end of it.

Why did Mississippi State decide to do the football stadium reseating at this time?
"With the stadium addition including new seats we felt like it was an appropriate time to do it. We've done it in basketball but haven't ever done it in football. When you look at our season ticket holders we have a number of people with multiple seat blocs and a lot of people have requested upgrades and moving closer to friends or family. In addition to that, people are getting the chance to satisfy what type seating they want. Some folks want to have an aisle seat for various reasons such as being closer to the restrooms or concessions, others prefer being in the dead center so they don't have to deal with folks walking in front of them a lot, others prefer being closer to certain yard lines. Plus, Bulldog Club membership has grown exponentially and a lot of people have given more money to improve their ranking and improve their seating. So, this gives us a chance to answer those things all at one time."

When did you start the current reseating process?
"We started it April 8th. And we finish May 22nd. Our schedule is basically from 8:30 to 4:30 each day with each of us taking an hour and a half for lunch."

How many people select seats each day?
"We have two people select every five minutes. They have three options they can use to select. They can pick their seating online when their slot time opens, we can call them on the phone and we will walk them through the process and select for them, or they can come in person and select. When they come in person, we actually do the same thing they would do if they selected online."

How do people know when their selection time is?
"We sent an email to everybody letting them know that their reseating date has been posted on their account. They can log into their Dog Tag account and see the date. But we also sent a letter to everybody that included their date and time. Also, when they purchased their (season) tickets they had the option to select how they wanted to do the reseating process.

"Everyday we print a sheet for each person who is selecting that day. It provides us their name, phone number, email address, how many seats they have purchased, how they want to do the reseating, and any special requests that they have made. That way, when we get them on the phone or see them in person, we already know what they have in mind when they do the reseating process. We then walk them through the process."

How do people know what seats are available?
"There is a link on (the bottom, right-hand side of) called Select Your Seats. Once you log in you will see (a likeness of) the stadium (seating). You'll see three different colors, green, red and yellow. The sections in green still have seats available. The red sections are all taken and the yellow sections have seats available but only single seats are available."

There are different shades of green. What does that mean?
"When the green shade gets darker that means the section is getting closer to filling up."

What happens when you have determined what seat or seats you want? What do you do next?
"Let's say you want to look for seats in section 4, which is a green section, meaning there are still seats available. Once you go into that section the seats in green are ones that are still open and the ones in red have been selected.

"Once you find a seat you may be interested in, you can click on that seat and it will show how much the season ticket costs and how much the donation is to select that seat. If the donation that a person has given or pledged isn't the same as the amount required to purchase that seat, then we (the Bulldog Club) will adjust the person's pledge up to the necessary amount.

"In addition to being able to see where the seat is located, how much the season ticket cost and how much donation is required, you can also click on a (camera likeness) button that will show you what your stadium field view is from that seat. You can do that pretty much from anywhere in the stadium.

"Once you have determined which seat or seats you want, you will then click on the seat and it will turn blue, which means it is on hold for you. It will stay on hold for you for 15 minutes. That gives you a chance to look around for other seat options and not lose that seat to someone else who is also selecting seats."

What if someone wants to log into their Dog Tag account and check to see what seats are available, can they do that even though their selection time hasn't come yet?
"They can. Folks can log in anytime they want to to check to see what is still available. They can't select them until their selection time, though. What that does is allow them to monitor seats and find seats that fit what they are looking for. Then, when it comes time to select, they have a good idea what they want and can make the selection in just a couple of minutes."

Once a person's time to pick his or her seats comes around, can they pick any available seat in the stadium, other than the ones that are blocked off for various reasons?
"They can. Any seat that is currently open is available to anyone who is being reseated as long as you are making the corresponding donation that is required for that seating."

What about seats in the new north endzone? Are they also available?
"In addition to the north endzone premium seating area, we also reseated the existing East Side Club Level section first before we started reseating everybody else. There is a finite number of seats in that section and we didn't want anybody to be replaced. So, we put everybody in that section in rank order and then reseated them based on that ranking. That way, they all stayed in that section. Plus, there were some people who gave major gifts who also wanted to be in that section. But now that we have completed the reseating of that section, there are actually some seats available in that section that are available for folks who are currently being reseated. If they prefer to go to the east side club level, they have that option."

How far along are you in the process?
"I think we will be through the top 1,400 in the ranking by the end of this week (Good Friday)."

How deep is 1,400 in the overall ranking?
"We have 10,000 Bulldog Club members and about 5,400 to 5,500 accounts order tickets."

Some of the seats in red are actually seats that have been blocked off, aren't they?
"They are. We have some seats blocked off for the faculty and staff at Mississippi State. And there are some that are for the opposing team fans. Plus, we have some blocked off for the Mississippi State students, seats for friends and family of the (current) football players and seats for recruits of all of the sports."

You mentioned earlier that the final selection day would be May 22nd. Do the regular season ticket holders then start picking their seats after that date?
"May 22nd is the final day for everybody (who have purchased season tickets by the deadline), Bulldog Club members and the general public. But we also have people who will still purchase season tickets who will have the chance to select seats after the 22nd. We'll be selling tickets all the way through the summer."

One last thing, how do folks know what the log in information is?
"The log in information and password is the same as what folks use to log into their Dog Tag account. But the password in this system is case-sensitive. Folks have to sign in using all caps for their password."

Will there be another reseating next year and each year thereafter?
"No, there won't be. We haven't set any firm time when we will do this again. We just thought that this was the perfect time to do it due to the expansion in the north endzone."

In future years, how will people be able to move around if they want to move into another seat?
"We'll handle it like we have before. During the renewal period we'll take everybody who is requesting an upgrade or a change in seating and help them find another seat if one is available."

Will they be able to take someone else's seat?
"They won't. They will only be able to get a seat or seats that have become available. People who buy their seats every year will keep those same seats until we go through this (reseating) process again."

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