McLaurin In No Hurry

Mark McLaurin has been a catalyst for change at Collins High. The rising senior has aided the Tigers' rise from a rebuilding team to region title contenders. McLaurin has the ability to make his team better on both sides of the ball, which has college recruiters beating a path to Collins, Mississippi.

Mark McLaurin profile

"I have offers from Mississippi State, Southern (Missississippi), Arkansas State and Memphis," said McLaurin. "I have talked to a coach from all of those schools on the phone and I get a lot of motivational messages from all of them and things like that.

"They're all recruiting me pretty hard."

The south Mississippi standout reports that he has a busy summer planned.

"I am going to Alabama, LSU, Mississippi State, the elite camp at Ole Miss, the elite camp at Arkansas State and this Louisiana-Lafayette camp in Jackson," said McLaurin. "There are a lot of them that I am planning to go to.

"I am going to go make it happen and show everybody what I can do."

McLaurin reports that he and his father have a very close relationship and that the elder McLaurin has offered his some real encouragement.

"My father has told me make my own decision when I am ready to make it and that he is going to support me no matter what decision I make," explained McLaurin. "He said that I need to make a lifetime decision and not just look at any of this as just a four year situation.

"He has told me to take my time and see what every school has to offer, before I make a decision."

The three star safety prospect reports that he is keeping his options open and all of his suitors even for the time being.

"I don't really have a favorite right now," said McLaurin. "I am looking for a place where I feel at home and they have a great degree in business, because that is what I am going to major in."

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