A Q&A With Senior Linebacker Matthew Wells

Mississippi State senior linebacker Matthew Wells talks one-on-one with Gene's Page.

This coming season's MSU defense could be a great defense. Why are you excited about the defense?
"I'm excited about it because we have great linebackers coming back, we have depth at the linebackers position. And the defense is hungry to play and fly around and get to the ball."

You are going into your fifth year at Mississippi State. Have you seen this much talent and depth on the defense as you currently see on this year's team?
"Not since I have been here. Like I said, we have good depth across the field and everybody is hungry to go out and make plays and win."

You've seen a bunch of great SEC defenses since you have been here. How would you compare this defense to those defenses?
"Every school has athletes and playmakers and we have the same thing. And I think we can matchup with anybody out there."

You about to go into your senior season. Everything is second nature to you. What did you try to accomplish during the spring?
"I tried to be more of a vocal leader and tried to hype everybody else up, along with myself."

I see you as more of a quiet kind of guy. Is being vocal something that you had to develop over the years?
"Yes, it's kind of difficult for me because I don't talk that much. I just try to talk to people when I see that it is needed. And I'm still trying to improve on that."

When you it is needed, what do you tell them when you feel it is needed?
"I try to hype them up, keep going, keep fighting."

Most people feel the MSU defense is going to be really good. You went against the MSU offense everyday in practice. What are your thoughts about it?
"They did great. They have a great leader in Dak Prescott. All the receivers are coming back from last year. And the offensive line played good (in the spring)."

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