Summer Decision for Giella

Zach Giella picked up an offer from Kentucky as the ice breaker to his college recruitment. The Martinez, Georgia product was humbled to learn his college football dreams were coming true. With just weeks left in his junior year, Giella has picked up twenty additional offers including several more from the SEC.

Zach Giella profile

"I will be honest I never expected all of this to happen," said Giella. "Honestly, I wasn't sure I would get any offers at all.

"I play at a small school in a league that nobody has ever heard of.

"I was floored when Kentucky offered me and I will always be grateful to them for believing in me and offering me first."

The Wildcats were soon followed by a score of other programs including LSU, Mississippi State and Ole Miss.

"I have been to visit LSU, but the most recent visit is when I went to see Ole Miss and Mississippi State.

"I had been to Ole Miss before on my way to see other places, but this time I got to see everything," said Giella. "The facilities are great and everything it top notch.

"I got to talk with Coach (Matt) Luke, the O line coach, and Coach (Maurice) Harris, while I was there.

"I didn't get to meet Coach (Hugh) Freeze. It was Easter weekend and he was with his family.

"When I went to Mississippi State, I got to see a lot of the same things I did at Ole Miss.

"The facilities are great and the stadium is really nice.

"I got to meet Coach (Dan) Mullen and all of the coaches there.

"The theme I picked up from the coaches was about work.

"They told me that if you come there, you are going to have to work hard and I liked hearing all of that."

Giella reports that the window to make an impression on him and his family is beginning to close.

"I would really like to make my decision this summer and be able to focus on my team this season," said Giella. "I want to be able to bring a state championship back to our school, so I want to get all of this out of the way.

"Right now, LSU is my leader. I probably have a top five or so schools bouncing around in my head right now, but LSU is in the lead.

"Clemson and Ole Miss are in that top five too.

"I am headed to Georgia Tech this weekend and then I am going to Clemson on the 30th.

"I want to see what everyone has to offer and then I am going to narrow things down and make a decision before the season starts."

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