And then there were two....

Jamal Danley found major college offers in short supply when he graduated from Byhalia High School. After a strong season at East Mississippi Community College, Danley is fielding offers from around the country. As the summer and a pre-season decision approaches, Danley has narrowed the field to just two schools.

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"I haven't really been talking to a lot of other schools anymore," said Danley. "I decided to narrow things down and I am now just looking at Mississippi State or Oklahoma."

Kansas, LSU, Missouri and South Florida among others have offered, but Danley feels confident about his final twosome.

"I am going to visit both schools this summer and then I am going to make a decision before the season starts," said Danley.

"I talk with Coach (Bill) Bedenbaugh from Oklahoma every couple of weeks.

"He told me that they're going to be losing six lineman after the season, so they have a real need for me to come there.

"Mississippi State has told me that they are going to be losing some lineman and that they have a chance for me to come in and start next year."

While a trip to Norman, Oklahoma has not been finalized, Danley plans to visit Mississippi State within the next two weeks.

"I was planning to go up there this weekend, but they are going to be off for Memorial Day," said Danley. "I am going to go up there the next Friday and speak with all of the coaches.

"Coach Hevesy has been talking to me, but I have been talking with Coach (Tony) Hughes the most."

Danley has found several things to like about each program and a couple of differences.

"They are telling me a lot of the same things and I have a good opportunity at either school," said Danley. "About the only differences are the distances from home and the conferences.

"I need go see the schools and meet with the coaches and then I will be getting close to a decision."

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