Smitherman Picks Bulldogs

Maurice Smitherman just about had his choice of schools from around the country, but the Alabama native elected to remain in the southeast. Just moments ago, Smitherman picked up the phone and made the call on his college destination. After consulting with family, Smitherman has committed to Mississippi State.

"I just couldn't pass on the chance to play for Coach Deshea Townsend," said Smitherman. "He is one of the best cornerback coaches in the nation.

"He wanted me to come and play for him and I just couldn't pass that up."

Smitherman reports that he called Towsend earlier to inform him of his decision.

"He was all hype, but he couldn't get too loud because they were in a staff meeting," said Smitherman with a laugh. "He said he was excited about me being a Bulldog.

"I want to be just like him and I want him to coach me into being one of the best corners in the nation."

The talented three star reports that another corner with some Bulldog ties was an important part of his deliberations.

"Johnathan Banks is a role model to me," said Smitherman. "I really look up to him and all that he has done.

"I want to go to Mississippi State and break all of his records and be the next great corner to come out of Mississippi State.

"I know what I can do up there and I know that Coach Townsend can help me get to where I need to be."

Smitherman had planned to be on campus today, but was unable to make the trip. He plans to spend some time with his future coaches on Friday.

"I couldn't make it out there today, but I am going to be on campus tomorrow and spend time with all of the coaches," explained Smitherman. "I am going over there and going to just enjoy myself and get excited about the future.

"I might go to some there camps. I am not sure if I am ready to shut all of that down yet, but I am not going to go anywhere that they don't want me to go.

"I am excited to be a Bulldog and I am glad to get all of this stress off of me.

"Now I can just focus on my high school team and get ready to go to Mississippi State next year."

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