MSU Coach Brian Johnson Interview, June 18th

Mississippi State quarterbacks coach Brian Johnson talks one-on-one with Gene's Page about the progression of his position players.

How are the quarterbacks progressing?
"Everybody had a really, really good spring and got better. We got that accomplished. Now it is all about our summer development. And they are working hard (this summer), working extremely intelligently, really fun to be around, enjoy being around each other. That is what we are all about."

Really, you have it all with your quarterbacks. You have talent, you have experience and you have youth. But it all starts with Dak Prescott, who has talent, experience and leadership ability.
"Yes, he is exactly what you look for. I am extremely proud of him. In the extremely short time that I have worked with him he has set a bar for the rest of the quarterbacks. He has been great being a leader. I am excited to see him progress as we get closer to the season. It is really great to have him around."

Behind Dak on the depth chart is sophomore Damian Williams, He has talent as well and got some playing experience last season as a true freshman. How has he progressed since the season concluded?
"Damian had a really, really good spring. He is an extremely intelligent player with a really good arm. Those guys work well together. And we are looking forward to getting the younger quarterbacks in and working with them in fall camp."

Speaking of younger quarterbacks, Nick Fitzgerald, a true freshman, had the chance to work with you during the spring due to him graduating high school early. How much did going through spring practice help him?
"It helped him tremendously. He got to work in an offense that he didn't have much experience playing in. He also didn't have much experience in a detailed passing game. His improvement from practice 1 to practice 15 was really, really good. Now, he just needs to build on that and continue to grow as we get closer to fall camp."

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