MSU Coach Deshea Townsend Interview June 19th

Mississippi State Cornerbacks Coach Deshea Townsend talks one-on-one with Gene's Page.

What are your thoughts about your cornerbacks going into the season?
"The good thing is a lot of guys got a lot of reps last year. Going into the year we had lost Banks and Slay , which gave us some question marks. But, like I said, a lot of guys got the chance to play last year. Coming into this year that is a positive. Reps are your best friend and my guys got a lot of reps.

"I look forward to see how they work this summer. That is going to be really big for them because they need to get in the best physical shape that they can be in."

Individually what do you like about each of the players?
"Taveze Calhoun is our leader. He does it the right way. Jamerson Love is a natural athlete and has been in our system a long time. So, he understands what it is like coming in as a freshman then being a senior. Due to that, he can give the younger guys a really good perspective. Then, we have Will Redmond who sat out a couple of years. He's really hungry to play and establish himself as one of the best corners in the SEC. We also have Cedric Jiles who came in and played as a freshman, then lost some time last year due to injuries. Now he is even more hungry to prove himself.

"Then we have our youngster guys like Tolando Cleveland and Jahmere Irvin-Sills. Tolando made some plays for us on special teams last year. Jahmere is looking to do anything that he can to help the team.

"When you have guys who want to continue to improve themselves, that's going to make you even better. And they all want to be on the field. That's going to make them all hungry."

What has to happen this season for you to believe that your cornerbacks had a great season?
"The main thing is did they get better each day. As a coach, am I saying the same thing over and over or are the taking the coaching and applying it to the field. If I am seeing that, then they are at their best."

MSU fans are very excited about the upcoming season. As a coach, how excited are you?
"It is awesome that they are so excited. That's what you want. You never want the excitement level to be at the bottom. You always want it to be at a hight level.

"I'm excited about my corners because I feel like we have guys who have a lot of athletic ability. Now that they have seen action on the field they can really let it all out, not hold anything back."

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