MSU Coach Billy Gonzales Interview, June 19th

Mississippi State Wide Receivers Coach Billy Gonzales talks one-on-one with Gene's Page.

How do you feel about your wide receivers coming into the season?
"Pretty good. All of the guys had a productive spring. But that was the spring. We always talk about a one-year shelf life for a wide receiver. Last year is over, so, now, it's a completely different year.

"I am excited about the group that we have coming back.

"Of the guys, Bear (De'Runnya Wilson) has a great frame, great size and he's doing fantastic. I'm looking for him to be size mismatch this season.

"Fred Brown had an incredible spring game, but, at the same time, it was a spring game. But he's shown signs of playmaking ability throughout the season. He just needs to be consistent. I'm excited about him.

"Joe Morrow is another mismatch. In my opinion, he's improved in the last year. Again, he's a guy who has to make the play over and over and not be a one play here, one play there kind of guy. We've got him ready to rock and roll.

"Gabriel Myles has been moved to my position. He has great explosive ability. He's extremely quick. He's got great, great athletic ability.

"Shelby Christy is a big bodied wide receiver who will, hopefully, cause mismatches inside against linebackers.

"Jameon Lewis, in my opinion, is one of the best receivers in the conference. He has to have a great summer. And he has to learn how to be a true leader, not just by example but in everything. Once he does that, then I think his game will improve even more.

"RoJo (Robert Johnson), we have to get him in the endzone this year. He's a productive receiver, solid receiver who grades out well but we need him to be a threat, not just a solid receiver. I need to put three or four wide receivers out on the field every play that are threats to go the distance and score a touchdown.

"Fred Ross is healthy now. He was banged up when he got here last season, then he was banged up in two-a-days. He broke his collar bone, but then tried to come back too early. I'm looking forward to him being a productive player in the unit."

At the end of the season, what will cause you to believe that the season was a success for your wide receivers
"For me, more than anything, is their effort level. If they are giving me great effort, giving me all that they got, then the rest will sort itself out. My job is to provide them coaching. Their job is to give great effort. If that happens, then the season was a success."

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